Streaming Defenses Week 3

When to Draft a Defense in Fantasy Football: Seriously, It’s Not Last

Now days there are all sorts of rules out there that declare they will help you draft a winning fantasy football team. But in what dates all the way back to the paper and pencil days of fantasy football, there have been two long-standing rules that have an extreme following in regards to how to approach your fantasy drafts…

Impact of Fantasy Rookies

The True Impact and Value of Fantasy Football Rookies

Statistics of fantasy rookies position by position to see just how valuable they are in their first season in the NFL.The data used for this in-depth look at the impact that rookies make on the fantasy landscape is from the previous 10 NFL seasons.

30 year old WRs

Fantasy Breakdown: A Closer Look At 30-Year-Old Wide Receivers

A prevailing theory in the NFL is that a 30-year-old running back is on the downside of his career. Thus leading to many fantasy football players looking to avoid aging ball carriers come draft time. But it’s not just running backs who fall victim to Father Time when they hit their thirties.

Mohamed Sanu Fantasy

Fantasy Breakdown: Mohamed Sanu Signs with Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons were in the market for a wide receiver when the league’s new year started on Wednesday to compliment the great Julio Jones. The search for Roddy White’s hopeful replacement didn’t take long as the team quickly signed Mohamed Sanu to a five-year deal worth $32.5 million.