Denver Broncos Training Camp1

Denver Broncos Training Camp: Fantasy News

The days are long and hot in the Denver summer. We are not talking Arizona hot, but a touch warmer than you would like to be sitting out on the open fields of training camp. That is just the way Mr. Peyton Manning likes it though.

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Jamaal Charles in Charge

It was a beautiful thing. The sky opened up, though they were in a dome. The heaven shone down upon them, again, though they were in a dome. Then Jamaal Charles came down on a flaming chariot, and lit up The Mercedes Benz Super Dome, like Elijah returning from the heavens. He did not come for salvation though; instead, he turned the Saints into pillars of salt.

Peyton Manning

Peyton Man(ning) Up!

A lot of things look familiar when you watch Peyton Manning in the rarified air of Denver. He still jogs out of the tunnel as slowly as ever. His helmet still barely fits on his enormous melon. The press conference “gee shucks-ing” sounds about the same. But there is a huge difference this year, and that is Peyton Manning’s win record, which is below .500.

Chris Johnson

CJ2K Fantasy Stock: Buy Low

CJ2K, or in 2012, CJ.2K, has been a huge disappointment for owners thus far. Time to scrap him right? Well that’s what you want whoever owns him to think. Chris Johnson has been one of the best RB’s since 2008, but most of his hype comes from his 2009 season, when he had over 2,000 rushing yards. He has not come anywhere close to that since, but has he really been a disappointment?

The Art of Fantasy Football

The Art of Fantasy Football

“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” ~ Sun Tzu
The largest mistake that most people make in fantasy football is that they do not play as if they are competing against people. They play against the numbers. It is like the adage of how to escape a shark attack; you don’t have to be fastest swimmer to avoid being eaten, just not slowest. You do not have to be the highest scorer in your league every week, only better than the guy you are playing. I could care less if I score 60 points less than the best player that week, as long as I score one more than my enemy.

Miles Austin Fantasy: Boom or Bust 2012

Miles Austin Fantasy: Boom or Bust 2012

In 2009, Miles Austin was the fantasy league darling. In a standard 10-team league, he was not drafted that year, and ended the season as the third highest scoring WR.

Denver Broncos 2012 Preview

Denver Broncos 2012 Fantasy Preview

The last season Peyton Manning was at the helm of an NFL team, he was second in passing yards and touchdowns. Indianapolis also had a top-five receiver in Reggie Wayne. Can we expect the same with a year removed and a neck deal going on? We shall soon see if his injury is fully healed during the preseason, but I assume that John Elway did not sign Manning to a $19 million contract per year if there was a serious doubt about his ability to return to form.

Tim Tebow

Manning Backs up Tim Tebow in NY Media’s Eye

Mid-game praying? Charitable acts? CELEBACY? I must be talking about the Pope’s recent trip to Mexico. Definitely not one of the most popular NFL quarterbacks in the league. In fact it is the New York Jets Tim Tebow, the most talked about passer in the New York area. He is not even their starter however, he is backing up the much maligned, much talked about, and much more photographed former USC Trojan, Mark Sanchez.