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Wild Card Weekend Recap

With the fantasy football season over, football fans can now focus on the NFL playoffs. We wait all season for the single elimination format. There is nothing like it in sports. All 12 teams have a legit shot to win the championship. Will this be a wild card year with a team like the Seahawks making a deep run?

Malcom Floyd

Malcom Floyd: Breakout Fantasy Season

Malcom Floyd is primed and on pace for a break-out fantasy season in 2012. As it seems, the Charger receiver has finally emerged from under the shadow of Vincent Jackson. Floyd has spent the past 6 seasons playing second fiddle to the 2-time Pro Bowl wide receiver, that was until Jackson signed a 5-year deal with Tampa Bay during the off-season. As a result, the door is wide open for Malcom to step in and become Philip Rivers’ new favorite target.