05 Aug 2014

5 Reasons to Play Daily Fantasy and 100,000 to Sign up

Daily fantasy sports, or DFS, is a new way of playing fantasy football and it is rapidly gaining popularity. At its most basic level, every week you are assigned a salary cap and must construct a standard fantasy football team while staying under the cap.

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Fantasy Football Strategy
30 Jul 2014

Fantasy Strategy: The Zero Running Back Method

One of the fastest growing strategies in the fantasy industry is the zero running back method. Popularized last season, zero-RB can be described as risky, efficient and against the grain.

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09 Jul 2014

5 Fantasy Players Suffering Recency Bias

Fantasy owners are often very intellectual, analytical and logical people, but have their flaws. Despite a vast knowledge of the careers of NFL players, even the best owners often enter fantasy drafts with the mind set of “what have you done for me lately?”

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17 Jun 2014

Fantasy Football Strategy: Streaming Quarterbacks

The supply of QB’s who are fantasy-starter material is getting deeper and that is why it has become advantageous to “stream” quarterbacks. Streaming quarterbacks is basically playing the position as a week-to-week decision…

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07 Apr 2014

Who Should the Rams Take With the 2nd Overall Pick?

“With the 2nd overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the St. Louis Rams select…” Who knows… The St. Louis Rams have the 2nd and 13th picks in a loaded draft and it is anyone’s guess as to who they will select.

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Fantasy Football RB Stats
20 Feb 2014

Zac Stacy Fantasy Forecast 2014

If last summer you had predicted a St. Louis Rams running back would finish the season with over 1000 total yards and 8 total touchdowns, most would not be surprised. Some might have even said you were being too conservative.

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