Author - Robert Kohnfelder

AvatarEven after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh in 2016, Robert never left the "classroom" when it comes to studying the NFL. He's been playing fantasy football for over half of his 24-year old existence, and his attentiveness to the NFL has grown exponentially over time. As a proud commissioner of the same fantasy league for the past decade, Robert has always enjoyed putting in some extra time and effort to make football season as entertaining as possible. The most nostalgic highlight of Robert's fantasy football career may very well be a last-minute roster decision from the ‘09 season: Miles Austin, in his first career start, provided him with 250 yards + 2 TDs to kick off a relatively short-lived fantasy stardom. Of course, as we all know, fantasy can also be heartbreaking at times, like when you trade away rookie Doug Martin right before he goes off for 272 yards from scrimmage + 4 TDs. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Robert is a die-hard Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins fan.