08 Aug 2018

6 Bounce-Back Running Back Candidates for 2018

Fantasy Football Bounce-Back RB Candidates With every new season comes breakout targets, regression candidates, sleepers and deep sleeper articles plastered all over the fantasy community billboards. Bounce back candidates can easily be over-looked as everyone seems intent on talking up the shiny new fantasy rookies that could explode onto the

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23 Jul 2018

Jack Doyle Fantasy Outlook 2018

Jack Doyle Fantasy The emotional roller-coaster of being an Indianapolis Colts‘ fan is certainly not one to be too envious about. Take last season as a perfect example. The face of the franchise, Andrew Luck was missing all season, the run game was about as mediocre as a vanilla milkshake and T.Y Hilton looked like

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17 Apr 2018

It Would Be Nearly Impossible For the Colts To Lose The 2018 NFL Draft

As I look tirelessly through the various mock drafts that appear on my Twitter feed on an almost daily basis, naturally I am drawn with intrigue to what they are predicting Indianapolis to do when April 26th rolls around at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. So far, I have not been

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03 Apr 2018

NFL Draft Discussion: Colts/Jets Trade Plus Individual Team Strategies

In this article Dan Ficca and Rob Grimwood, two of Gridiron Experts team bloggers, discuss the recent trade between the Indianapolis Colts and New York Jets along with adding their thoughts on each team’s strategy at the upcoming NFL Draft.

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22 Feb 2018

Life Without Luck: Indianapolis Colts Skill Position Season Review

Colts 2017 Season Review It was a rough ride for Colt’s fans throughout the 2017 season. The main protagonist was the unpredictability of the injury status of franchise quarterback Andrew Luck. A pre-season trade with New England saw Indianapolis acquire Tom Brady’s understudy Jacoby Brissett who briefly appeared and impressed

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08 Feb 2018

The Top 10 NFL Touchdown Celebrations of 2017

Best Touchdown Celebrations In the midst of all the controversy surrounding the league from players bending the rules off the field, dodgy calls on the field (that one’s for you Patriots fans), or simply just waiting for a league official to tell us all what actually defines a catch rather

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18 Jan 2018

Make Or Break: The Importance of the Indianapolis Colts 2018 Off-Season

It’s About Time The Colts Got Some Luck… You know that feeling you get when you are on board an airplane and you hit a pocket of turbulence? It makes you feel uncomfortable and sometimes when it’s at its most severe, you to question the ability of the Captain and

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