Kicking of the NFL Season
06 Dec 2011

Kicking Off the Holiday Season With a Ball of Lights

Usually there are more than a few NFL games with playoff implications at stake and the different generations of the family get together to watch it play out. My grandfather does break out stories from “back in my day” on players I’ve never heard of…

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Jack Del Rio
29 Nov 2011

Jack Del Rio Fired

Jack Del Rio has publicly blamed offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter twice in two weeks for decisions that went bad during Jacksonville losses, something that from an owner’s (and fan’s) perspective is cowardly and disrespectful.

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22 Nov 2011

Kyle Orton Waived by Broncos, Bears Thankful

The Broncos have decided to waive Kyle Orton Tuesday which is odd and yet convenient after the Bears have lost Jay Cutler for what looks like the rest of the season and are in desperate need of a single caller.

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NFL Pigskin Picks
16 Nov 2011

NFL Pigskin Picks Week 11

Amazing that we are entering the 11th week of the NFL season, and there are still so many teams that are difficult to figure out. Most the time this late into the season fans and pick’em experts have a pretty good idea of who’s who. The 2011 season has been hardly an open book.

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2011 Best and Worst Value: Quarterbacks
12 Nov 2011

10 Fantasy Players You Should Trade For

Check out this Fantasy Football Trade advisory column that factors in 3 stages of where you could be sitting in your fantasy league and check out 10 players that may be worth trading for to make a fantasy playoff push

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Raiders 24-17
10 Nov 2011

Denarius Moore and Vincent Brown Steal The Show

After multiple 3 and outs for the Chargers and extensive big plays on offense and defense for the Raiders, it was clear this game was not going to please the home town ticket holders.

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10 Nov 2011

NFL Picks Week 10

Thursday games have hurried up the NFL week for Fantasy starts and NFL Picks, so you better be on top of things for tonight’s battle between the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders. Lets see who our experts took with their picks for the week

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Mike Vick Most Hated NFL Player
08 Nov 2011

Vick Tops Forbes List of NFL’s Most Disliked Players

Apparently a high number jersey sales isn’t the best indication of popularity any more. According to a recent poll published by Forbes surveys, Mike Vick still stands at the top of the list as the least “liked” player in the NFL.

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07 Nov 2011

10 Fantasy Players That Pissed You Off Sunday

Fantasy Football is a fictional game that we can all take far too seriously at times. We occasional yell at the TV or our roll our eyes at our smart phones, but in reality the NFL could care less.

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NFL Power Rankings Week 5
03 Nov 2011

Week 9 NFL Picks

Get all your Pigskin Picks for Week 9 in the NFL. There are so great games this Sunday, check to see who we like in each contest.

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