21 Aug 2018

Updated NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Odds

Sportsbooks can sometimes be extremely accurate at projecting game outcomes and player odds. Which is why a lot of fantasy football and daily fantasy players are starting to turn to oddsmakers as a tool in their research. Using sports betting odds can be helpful for those looking to figure out who

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17 Aug 2018

Cheap NFL Jerseys From China Review

Cheap NFL Jerseys Are They Worth It? The quality of NFL jerseys is definitely up for debate these days, especially if you’ve purchased a jersey in the past couple years and compare it to what is being sold at NFL Shop now. A great example for me was my Nick

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10 Aug 2018

Random NFL Betting Odds: Cowboys WR1 and More

If you’ve ever read any of my sports betting articles throughout the offseason, you know I like to find interesting NFL betting odds and showcase them in an outside the box perspective for fantasy football fans. I find that the fantasy football community has a tendency to get overly hyped about a player

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09 Aug 2018

Fantasy Football Rings for League Champions

In this article, Mike Rigz talks about a recent fantasy football league he joined that features a unique trophy tradition. Mike describes the comradery of this league along with showcasing a few fantasy football rings for anyone interested in making that the award for their league champion. Fantasy Football Championship

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06 Aug 2018

Kenyan Drake Fantasy Stock 2018: Unpopular Upside

Kenyan Drake Fantasy 2018 Dolphins Kenyan Drake may very well be the most disliked fantasy running back of 2018. The 24-year-old is entering his third season in the NFL, and despite showing some promise at the tail end of last season, fantasy writers have been continuously trying to warn fantasy

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03 Aug 2018

NFL Betting Odds: Most Rushing Yards in 2018

NFL Odds: RB With Most Rushing Yards in 2018 My Take Usually, when I put these types of articles together, my intention is to provide some outside the box content for fantasy football owners to get themselves out the routine of only reading previous year data based content. While I

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31 Jul 2018

Dez Bryant New Team Betting Odds Have Emerged

It hasn’t been the easiest offseason for wide receiver Dez Bryant. Rumors had circulated that the Dallas Cowboys were planning on cutting the longtime veteran wide receiver due to a bloated salary cap prior to the start of NFL Free agency. However, the team didn’t cut Bryant until April 13th,

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17 Jul 2018

Best Fantasy Football Books For 2018

2018 Fantasy Football Books Recommendations The fantasy football industry grows dramatically every year. Innovative new league formats spring up almost daily, creating a micro niche for a fantasy football guru to emerge. This year alone I’ve been apart of a number of creative league draft startups. Some of these leagues are

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05 Jul 2018

Jameis Winston Suspension Moves Bucs Team Win Odds in 2018

If it feels like there has been a high number of NFL suspensions in 2018, you’re right; there has been. But in terms of it being a record-setting year, 2018 is actually at a steady pace for matching historical trends. There have been 19 suspensions from January 1st to July 4th

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28 Jun 2018

AFC | NFC Championship Odds: Sleeper Picks for 2018

Odds for the AFC and NFC Championship aren’t as popular as Super Bowl odds, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore them. In this article, I take a look at the latest NFL Championship odds and offer some insight to a few underdogs picks I’d make for the upcoming season as

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