10 Feb 2019

Super Bowl LIV Betting Odds

Super Bowl LIV Odds My Thoughts: Patriots 6.5 to 1 Smart Bet I’ve been joking all week that the AFC needs to have an intervention. There is a serious problem among the top teams in this football conference that just can’t get things together when needed. The Chiefs are constantly

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29 Jan 2019

10 Ridiculous Super Bowl Prop Bets

This Sunday is the biggest NFL game of the year, Gridiron Experts has got you covered for the 10 most Ridiculous Super Bowl Prop Bets

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28 Jan 2019

Super Bowl Prop Bet Sheet (Party Game)

Every year this magical Super Bowl Prop Bet Sheet appears on Reddit, and every year I quickly grab it for our readers. This printable Super Bowl party game is perfect for office pools and friendly get-togethers for the big day.

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21 Dec 2018

Updated Super Bowl Odds

Updated Super Bowl Odds: 12/20 2018 New Orleans Saints 2.5 to 1 LA Rams 4.5 to 1 Kansas City Chiefs 6 to 1 LA Chargers 7.5 to 1 New England Patriots 7.5 to 1 Chicago Bears 11 to 1 Pittsburgh Steelers 16 to 1 Houston Texans 16 to 1 Dallas

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Patrick Mahomes
10 Oct 2018

Updated Super Bowl LII Odds (Oct 9th)

Latest Super Bowl Odds Los Angeles Rams Then 17.5 to 1 | Now 3 to 1  The Rams look unstoppable and are playing in arguably the weakest division in the league. Goff and company could set a team record for clinching a playoff spot early. The Rams currently have a

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04 Oct 2018

The Linebacker Review: Sports Betting Advisory Site

The Linebacker.com Review There has been a real buzz with sports betting online after the US Supreme Court changed the federal ban on wagering outside of Nevada earlier this year. An estimated 32 states could implement sports betting within the next five years, which could possibly throw shade on Daily

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Start em sit em week 5
02 Oct 2018

Start’em Sit’em Week 5

Start’em Sit’em Week 5 As we head into week five, fantasy football shifts into the month of October. This means the beginning of a consistent stretch of NFL bye weeks and the ever-mounting pressure to get wins. A seasoned fantasy owner knows it’s a long season and you need to

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25 Sep 2018

Start’em Sit’em Week 4

Start’em Sit’em Week 4 “You need to spend time crawling alone through shadows to truly appreciate what it is to stand in the sun” – Shaun Hick Weekly Start’em Sit’em Recap The following is a recap of my Start’em Sit’em picks for last week. Final Grade: Another strong week at quarterbacks, but

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18 Sep 2018

Start’em Sit’em Week 3

Start’em Sit’em Week 3 If the NFL was a person, it would have multiple personality disorder. In another week of surprising outcomes that saw seven upsets, including two of the three biggest favorites of the week –Steelers and Redskins both five-point favorites- many fantasy gurus are hitting the reset button as they prepare for week 3. If your focus was solely on your fantasy matchup, let me catch you up on some

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Start Sit Week 2
11 Sep 2018

Start’em Sit’em Week 2

Start’em Sit’em Week 2 The first week of the 2018 NFL season had a large number of buzzing headlines and surprise outcomes. We saw Ryan Fitzpatrick dropping a 50-spot in fantasy football on the Saints, the Browns found new ways not to win (or lose), and the Titans-Dolphins go into the

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