Jared Goff
06 Dec 2018

NFL Power Rankings Week 14

NFL Power Rankings As you might have guessed, the top two teams traded places this week. But in fact, none of the top teams look unbeatable. The Saints, who overmatched the Rams a few weeks ago, only scored 10 points in a strange Week 13 loss. The Chiefs’ star running

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Patrick Mahomes
28 Nov 2018

NFL Power Rankings Week 13

NFL Power Rankings After 12 weeks of the 2018 season, I feel confident that the winner of Super Bowl LIII will be one of the top 8 teams in our Week 13 Power Rankings…or the Colts. As always, these rankings loosely reflect my current Super Bowl odds. New Orleans Saints

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21 Nov 2018

NFL Power Rankings Week 12

NFL Power Rankings In preparation for Thanksgiving, Week 11 was an ideal bye week for the Gridiron Experts’ Power Rankings. Rested and re-energized for a late-season push, we’re back and psyched for Week 12! Though the Saints seem to increase their stranglehold on the #1 spot with each passing week,

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07 Nov 2018

NFL Power Rankings Week 10

NFL Power Rankings For the first time since the beginning of the season, we have a new #1! The top 7 or 8 teams are really starting to separate themselves from the rest of the league, and two of them will match up this week on Thursday Night Football. As usual,

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31 Oct 2018

NFL Power Rankings Week 9

NFL Power Rankings You could argue that Ty Montgomery is personally responsible for keeping the Rams unbeaten, and therefore at the top of this week’s rankings. The Packers wouldn’t argue with you. The top 4 remain rock-solid this week, and Week 9’s marquee matchups (LAR-NO, PIT-BAL, GB-NE) will determine how

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24 Oct 2018

NFL Power Rankings Week 8

NFL Power Rankings After bullying the 49ers in Week 7, the Rams maintain the top spot in this week’s rankings, and the rest of the top ten sees some stability for the first time in 2018. There is little change (or hope) among the bottom teams in our rankings. As

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Gronk Fantasy 2018
16 Oct 2018

NFL Power Rankings Week 7

NFL Power Rankings Week 6 featured two fantastic prime-time shootouts: the as-expected Chiefs-Patriots tilt on Sunday Night Football, and the much more surprising 49ers-Packers game on Monday night. The Rams maintain their stranglehold on the top spot in this week’s rankings, but the rest of the top ten continues to

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09 Oct 2018

NFL Power Rankings Week 6

NFL Power Rankings The supposed Week 5 showdown between the Jaguars and Chiefs failed to live up to the hype, so let’s hope for more when the Chiefs visit the Patriots this week. Rookie QBs were a surprising 4-0 in Week 5, something that’s unlikely to happen again this season.

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02 Oct 2018

NFL Power Rankings Week 5

NFL Power Rankings The 2018 season has reached the quarter pole, and for the first time, there’s some stability among the top teams in our power rankings. The showdown between the Jaguars (no. 3) and Chiefs (no. 2) looks like the NFL’s game of the week. As always, these rankings

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Jared Goff
25 Sep 2018

NFL Power Rankings Week 4

NFL Power Rankings Does anyone want the no. 2 spot in these rankings? Last week’s 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-ranked teams all lost in Week 3, and the incumbent no. 1 Rams suffered potentially significant losses to their secondary. Meanwhile, last week’s 29th, 30th, and 32nd-ranked teams all notched wins this

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