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Mark started playing fantasy football with his friends at college back in 1991. He’s been hooked ever since. He considers himself a veteran player- not an expert. Hey- who let this guy in here? This is Gridiron Experts- security! Just kidding Mark haha! He writes articles to help both rookie and experienced fantasy football players alike- except for his no good friends, Chad and Kelly, who have crushed many of his title dreams throughout the years. His message to them, “Curse your miserable hides you slugs. Find another writer from who to gather your no good research to beat me haha!” He evaluates players by reading scouting reports and by using the eye test from watching game highlights more so than just pure statistics. He believes it’s important to trust your gut instead of being a lemming and blindly following average draft position rankings. His tip, “When preparing for a draft or auction most people only look back, they treat last year’s statistics like the gospel. Last year is over. Things change, teams change. It’s more important to look forward”. When he’s not watching football, you can find him at the gym getting in a workout or grabbing a pizza. You can also find him at his fantasy football website SleepersandBusts.com

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