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Top 5 Sleeper Defenses of Week 12

Defense wins championships! An old adage for sure, but one that’s true. In today’s NFL high-scoring, fast paced, aerial attacks are all the rage. In fact, a good old fashioned, smash mouth, 3-yards and a cloud of dust team is hard to find.

Fantasy Defense Sleepers Week 10

Fantasy Sleeper Defenses of Week 10

We are officially on the back 9. Week 10 is here and it begins the home stretch of fantasy seasons. A lot has changed already. We have seen first round picks massively disappoint. Ray Rice, Trent Richardson and Doug Martin come to mind.

Drafting a Fantasy Defense

Fantasy Sleeper Defenses of Week 8

The NFL doesn’t get much more hard hitting than it was last week. Defenses were out in full force in week 7, scoring touchdowns, sacking quarterbacks, and putting players on the injured list.

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Fantasy Sleeper Defenses: Week 7

We will be over half way through the fantasy regular season come Tuesday morning. By now, we know the general layout of the NFL. We know which teams are making a push for the playoffs and which start their golf season right after the holidays.

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Fantasy Sleeper Defenses: Week 6

“Holy cow!” That’s all I could think while watching week 5. For some reason, watching some of the truly awful teams in the league conjured images of Harry Caray and the Chicago Cubs.

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Fantasy Sleeper Defenses: Week 5

The defenses were out in full force in week 4, racking up fantasy points as if they were first round picks! Three D/ST finished in the top 20 of overall scoring. An impressive 15 defenses scored 11 or more fantasy points, lead by the Titans, Colts and Redskins at 22 a piece.

Fantasy Sleeper Defenses

Top 5 Fantasy Sleeper Defense: Week 4

There are some surprise names on top and bottom of the D/ST rankings so far this season. The Kansas City Chiefs (yes the 2-win, number 31 ranked fantasy D of 2012) are the early leaders in D/ST scoring with 51 points.

Sleeper Fantasy Defense

Top 5 Fantasy Sleeper Defense: Week 3

With the faster, up-tempo, pass first offense being the latest trend in the NFL, you can expect many high scoring games this season. So far however, the defenses have ruled the field.

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Top 5 Sleeper Defenses For Week Two

Defenses are generally light years ahead of the offenses in the first week or two of a season. Last week was no exception. If you are like me, you don’t even bother with a defense at draft time. I take the team with the friendliest week 1 match-up.