Eli Manning
15 Dec 2018

NFL Picks: Week 15

Free NFL Pick’em: Week Fifteen Last week’s games gave us a taste of playoff football. Multiple games came down to the final minutes and even final plays, and Week 15 started off with more of the same. Luckily, Sunday offers a handful of games that look to be potential thrillers.

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08 Dec 2018

NFL Picks: Week 14

Free NFL Pick’em: Week Fourteen Week 14 is underway and we are only a month away from playoff football. Well, official playoff football. The playoffs essentially start in December and teams begin to play desperate. Other teams lay down as players begin to lose interest and look forward to the offseason

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Andrew Luck Fantasy
01 Dec 2018

NFL Picks: Week 13

Free NFL Pick’em: Week Thirteen We are through the bye weeks and we are headed down the final stretch of the NFL season. With 16 games on the schedule during each of the final five weeks, the pick’em pools across the country are wide open. Hopefully, you have managed to

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17 Nov 2018

NFL Picks: Week 11

Free NFL Pick’em: Week Eleven Last week, there was a slate full of chalk games and let’s just say there were a few upsets. The Patriots got smacked by the Titans, a Titans team that seems to show up some weeks and take an extra bye or two during other

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10 Nov 2018

NFL Picks: Week 10

Free NFL Pick’em: Week 10 Week 10 offers a slate of games that looks like it’s full of chalk picks. With 10 games featuring teams favored by at least 6.5 points, it will be important to try and pick out the few upsets. We also need to nail the games

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Tom Brady
03 Nov 2018

NFL Picks: Week 9

Free NFL Pick’em: Week Nine Week nine has arrived and six teams have a bye. With only 13 games on the schedule, we have to make the most of our pick’ems. If you’re a few games behind the leader for season totals in your pick’em pools, don’t panic. There is

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Andrew Luck Fantasy
20 Oct 2018

NFL Picks: Week 7

Free NFL Pick’em: Week Seven Road teams continue to play well in the NFL. Last week, five of the seven road favorites won. This week, four road teams are favored on Sunday, and three teams look like safe picks. The Patriots -3, the Rams -10, and the Vikings -4 are

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Ryan Tannehill Fantasy
12 Oct 2018

NFL Picks: Week 6

Free NFL Pick’em: Week Six The NFL season is fastly approaching the midway point. All but two NFL franchises have played five games already, giving us a solid sample size to work with going forward. Week six features 7 teams that are road favorites. With so many teams favored on

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Ben Roethlisberger
06 Oct 2018

NFL Picks: Week 5

Free NFL Pick’em: Week Five Week 5 has arrived and so far the NFL season has not disappointed. Many old trends have remained true, while some teams have broken the wheel and moved towards the top of the NFL. The Chiefs and Rams look ready to become the new dominant

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29 Sep 2018

NFL Picks: Week 4

Free NFL Pick’em: Week Four Week three was a great reminder of the old football phrase, any given team on any given Sunday. Buffalo shocked the world, and the Lions and Titans weren’t far behind. I imagine a lot of survival pools were busted up last week. If you did

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