Fantasy Football 2015

Fantasy Trade Advice Week 6: The Trimester Report Card

Take yourself back to the preseason: What do you think the odds were of Mike Evans, Dez Bryant, and Alshon Jeffery having less combined fantasy points than Leonard Hankerson through Week 5? One million to one? If you took that bet, you’d be using my paychecks for coasters right now.

Fantasy Football Trade Advice

Fantasy Trade Advice: Week 5 Tips & Comparisons

Why does a big, black, Cadillac Escalade look safer to you than a Mini Cooper? Why, even after I rattle off compelling statistics supporting the Mini Cooper’s safety, do you still feel like the Escalade is safer? What on Earth am I talking about, and what does it have to do with fantasy football trades? Read on the find out.

Fantasy Football 2016

Fantasy Trade Advice: Week 4 Stud Watch

Of the first 12 RBs drafted in fantasy football this season (based on Average Draft Position), how many do you think are in ­the top 12 in RB fantasy points after 3 weeks? Ten? Five?

Try three.