Fantasy Football Sleepers
13 Dec 2014

Week 15: Flex Sleepers

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s semifinal week! Start these players with confidence and move one step closer to glory. When it all works out like it should, it will be you bragging at the company water cooler come Monday.

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22 Nov 2014

Deep Fantasy Sleepers: Week 12

It is officially crunch time, people. For many of us, the next two weeks will either grant our playoff wishes or crush our hopes entirely. So if you play in a deep league or if your fantasy team is ravaged by injuries, here are some cheap fantasy sleepers who might give you a boost in Week 12.

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08 Nov 2014

Deep Fantasy Sleepers Week 10

Week 10 fantasy football sleepers: Slim pickings here, folks. Don’t expect miracles, but sometime long shots actually pan out. Good luck to all those desperate enough to read on.

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Stevan Ridley
30 Jun 2014

Stevan Ridley: Value Pick or Fantasy Headache?

Gridiron Experts Heath Capps takes a look at New England Patriot running backs including a Stevan Ridley, a RB many fantasy owners seem to be avoiding

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26 May 2014

Donte Moncrief Fantasy Profile

A look at Colts WR Donte Moncrief’s fantasy football value for 2014 and beyond. Where should you draft Moncrief in 2014? Will the Colts “Feed Moncrief?”

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19 Apr 2014

Pump the Brakes: 10 Overhyped Fantasy Players

A list of 10 fantasy football players, including Peyton Manning and Cordarrelle Patterson, who may not live up to the hype in 2014 fantasy football drafts.

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18 Feb 2014

Memo to the New York Football Giants: It’s 2014!

There is much that I could say about the Giants and their waste of 2013. I could discuss the 0-6 start and present the Giants as a dinosaur headed for extinction. I could also cite the 7-3 finish and attempt to persuade you that…

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12 Feb 2014

Seahawks’ Receiving Corps: Famously Vanilla?

The most important part of the Seahawks’ passing game is the defensive line. That’s right, you heard me. I don’t give a rip if Russell Wilson is throwing to Harvin, Tate, Jermaine Kearse, Doug Baldwin, or Jiminy Cricket. It doesn’t matter. The Superbowl is a perfect example of why.

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