Mathew Stafford

Mathew Stafford ESPN MNF Commercial

Monday Night Football, in a way, can be a boys club where only the cool kids get to hang out. With little variety to scheduling, it’s not unheard of to see teams like New England, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Baltimore hog up all the prime-time slots each and every year. Ratings are the most important aspect to selling advertising space, so it does makes sense that networks would be picky, even snobbish to some of the sub par teams in the league.

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson To Start For Seahawks

In a surprise move the Seattle Seahawks have announced Russell Wilson to be there starter at quarterback.

When Matt Flynn signed his contract earlier this year, a contract that entailed a guaranteed $8 million for the 2012 season, it was quite obvious he was brought in to lead the team. Yet third-round pick Russell Wilson from North Carolina State played too well in the preseason not to earn himself a starting job.

Drew Brees Concussion Trivia: Who Dat Cabbie?!

Drew Brees Concussion Trivia: Who Dat Cabbie?!

Fan of Drew Brees? Concerned about the safety of football players and the concussions they face? Well, than this is your video. Everyone else will give this about a 2 minute watch before moving on. Drew Brees’ passion for educating the public on the misconceptions of concussions and the severity of the injury has branched out to trivia cab rides and speaking on late night talk shows, like he did on Thursday on David Letterman show.

Harvin trade

Percy Harvin Wants A Trade

Fantasy Factor: If Percy Harvin is traded, I can guarantee I will rank Adrian Peterson about a round later than I have him now. The Vikings are still in a rebuilding mode, but without a dynamite speedster that can grab easy yardage the way Harvin can, the Vikings are going to be facing run blitz’s all year.