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David MachadoDavid is a University of California, Berkeley graduate with degrees in Communications, Psychology, and the Middle East. In order to put those degrees to good use, he now is writing about fantasy football. He's constantly willing to get in a debate about literally anything, especially football and the superiority of the Cal Bears. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife who is also an avid sports fan, just of the other football. She's teaching him to be a San Jose Earthquakes fan and he's teaching her to be a fan of the Patriots and Jaguars. Along with football and soccer they both also enjoy backpacking, mountain biking, and general outdoor mayhem. David has lived and travelled all over the world and would love to convince you to do the same. Hit him up on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram. Go Pats, Go Jags, Go Quakes, and Roll On You Bears

How To Evaluate and Draft IDP

IDP Drafting Tips With any type of fantasy football draft format, drafting by the numbers and not drafting your favorite players is the most obvious rule for...

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