PPR Sleepers

8 PPR Fantasy Sleepers To Target Late

For those in the fantasy community who choose to participate in leagues with a PPR scoring format, the strategy on draft day is a much different animal. Players that would normally get tossed under the rug in standard format leagues due to inefficiency in the red zone, or inconsistent touchdown production, suddenly rise the ADP boards due to the targets they will receive on any given week.

Charles Clay

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: Patience Pays With Tight Ends

We’ve all been there, you need a Tight End and decide to target one in the middle round of your fantasy football draft. You’re about seven to eight picks away from being on the clock when suddenly, one comes off the board, then another. Before you know it, league mates panic and a trend is born. Tight Ends are now flying off the board leaving you to regret not taking one around earlier. It’s a yearly sighting at nearly every fantasy football draft, and so many times it pressures owners to reach for a player when they otherwise wouldn’t.

The Next Breakout WR2

The Hunt For This Years Breakout WR2 in Fantasy

Wide receivers are such a fickle subject in fantasy football when it comes to draft day. Yes, now more than ever, the wide receiver position is proving it’s consistency and value over in fantasy, especially over the course of the last couple of seasons.

Fantasy Saints Offense

Fantasy Breakdown: Deciphering The New Orleans Saints Offense

Quarterbacks in fantasy football are a widely controversial topic as a whole. From conversations of them being overvalued as starters, or that the position is just too deep to care about wasting an early pick in your fantasy draft, the debates are endless and tiring. There are, however, a few quarterbacks in the NFL that put these debates to rest. Names like Brady, Rodgers, and Brees have managed to put up elite and consistent numbers over the years that have left fantasy owners giddy. With this said, these different elite-QB led offenses offer different fantasy results in regards to the consistency of their wide receivers.