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Brandon is a Washington Redskins fan born and raised in New York. He coped with this by turning to Stand Up comedy and fantasy football dominance to distract from his team’s never ending ineptitude. When he’s not lamenting his fanhood, Brandon is an active couch potato, consuming films and TV shows like Sansa Stark eats lemon cakes. A recent graduate of George Mason University, he hopes to entertain and inform any reader lucky enough to stumble onto his articles.

NFL Salary vs. Legacy

We’re in awe of these athletes. It’s why we defend them to the death on Twitter, buy their jerseys and always clear our schedules on Sundays. It’s why football...

Best Fantasy Football Team Names

We’re suggesting an evolution of the best fantasy football team names. No longer will a surface oriented designation be enough. You need a name that reflects...

I Believe in Tim Tebow

While Tebow was in college, my brother, my friends, even my teachers and I all agreed on Tim Tebow: we disliked him. He was a goody-two shoes who threw his...

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