03 May 2018

Baker Mayfield: The Right Choice for Cleveland

In a draft that was full of quarterback controversies and constant speculation, one prospect stuck out among scouts and analysts.

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15 Mar 2018

Eric Ebron is Out in Detroit: Where Do The Lions Go From Here?

Ebron is Gone After a tenuous tenure in Detroit, former first-round selection Eric Ebron has been released from the Lions. Ebron’s time with Detroit has not been all bad, however. He has shown some flashes of what scouts saw from his college tape. Ebron averaged over 500 receiving yards per year with

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10 Mar 2018

Calvin Ridley NFL Draft Profile

There is little doubt that the University of Alabama has been a powerhouse in college football over the past decade. Since Nick Saban’s arrival in 2007, the Crimson Tide have won 132 games and have gotten 67 players drafted in the NFL, including 22 first round selections. A vast majority

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07 Feb 2018

What Does Matt Patricia Bring To The Detroit Lions?

New Man in Town After being defeated in Super Bowl 52, former New England Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia was named the new head coach of the Detroit Lions. Patricia’s Path to Detroit Patricia stayed in the college ranks for five years before being brought on as an assistant to

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16 Jan 2018

Fantasy Analysis: 6 NFL Draft Prospects from The National Championship

National Championship Game Recap: Fantasy Analysis For football fans, the offseason is closer than we’d like to admit. We’re days away from the AFC and NFC Championship games, which means there are only three more NFL games (that matter) before a long offseason drought. Sometimes in the spring, the NFL

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