Author - Adam Strangis

AvatarI'm a sports fanatic who wears it on my sleeve (seriously, I have a Pittsburgh sports tattoo). I'm just a big scruffy looking nerf-herder who somehow managed to marry an incredible and supportive woman, have a wonderful family and a sweetheart dog. When I'm not at work, odds are I'm watching sports or the latest comic book movie. Life is good, it's just much better with fantasy football in it. The sarcastic and above it all fantasy analysis is overdone, I'm here to bring it back to what you need to know with a terrible sense of humor. Let's win some fantasy titles!

7 NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat

NFL Hot Seat The 2017 NFL season is inching closer as we’re under 50 days to kickoff. Even though the season hasn’t yet started, it’s never...