20 Oct 2018

DFS Matchup Metrics: NFL DraftKings Week 7

DFS Matchup Metrics: NFL DraftKings Week 7 We’re back for more action in Week 7 and we’re looking to replicate the success we found last week in this space! Three of the four featured players hit for at least 15 DK points and the player that didn’t suffer an injury.

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chris godwin fantasy
13 Oct 2018

DFS Matchup Metrics: NFL DraftKings Week 6

DFS Matchup Metrics: Week 6 We’re back for more in Week 6 and only one of the sleepers hit last week, Mohamed Sanu. Dede Westbrook was very average and Ricky Seals-Jones and Doug Baldwin combined for exactly one catch for five yards. Needless to say, that’s not the results we’re

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06 Oct 2018

DFS Matchup Metrics: NFL DraftKings Week 5

DFS Matchup Metrics: Week 5 After we took a little bit of a break last week, we’re back to dissect the Week 5 slate and try to find the value plays that are going to help you fit all those stud plays into your lineup! It’s a pretty interesting slate

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22 Sep 2018

DFS Matchup Metrics: NFL DraftKings Week 3

The season is moving fast, it’s already week 3 in the NFL. By now, you’ve already read a few chalky daily fantasy articles for the week, but thanks to the tools at The Quant Edge, this article should open your eyes to some deep DFS sleepers. Let’s see if we

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15 Sep 2018

DFS Matchup Metrics: NFL DraftKings Week 2

DFS Matchup Metrics Is there anything more annoying than doing research, finding the right player and the right matchup, and then watching it unfold on the screen pretty much exactly how you said it would…only to watch the receiver drop a 40 yards touchdown pass? That happened to us last

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05 Sep 2018

DFS Matchup Metrics: NFL DraftKings Week One

DraftKings Week One For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Adam Strangis, and I’m very excited to be back with the Gridiron Experts crew for the 2018 season! This year I’ll be providing DFS content usingĀ The Quant Edge website and their incredible tools to dig a

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02 Jan 2018

Final NFL Power Rankings for 2017

Final NFL Power Rankings 2017 Since the NFL regular season is over, the Power Rankings will see a bit of a shift for the final version. The top 12 spots in the ranks have been reserved for playoff teams, even though there are some teams outside the postseason that I

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26 Dec 2017

NFL Week 17 Power Rankings

NFL Week 17 Power Rankings Week 16 clarified the playoff picture to a major extent. There are still some things left to be decided which led the NFL to cancel the Sunday night football game to not give anyone team an unfair advantage. All games will be played in the

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20 Dec 2017

NFL Week 16 Power Rankings

NFL Week 16 Power Rankings If Week 16 brought football fans nothing else, it brought debate that will carry into the offseason about how the rules are set up in the league. Some will call me a salty Pittsburgh fan, and that’s not totally inaccurate, but the catch rule is

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13 Dec 2017

10 Interesting Fantasy Football Stats Heading into Week 15

Fantasy Football Stats: Week 15 Since the season is almost over, the format in this article is changing just a bit. Typically, I’ve tried to identify trends or stats and spin them forward to help the rest of the season. While some of these takeaways are still useful for the

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