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Auction League Best Buys Volume 3

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Fantasy Wide receivers are the hardest position to find best buys in auction leagues as there are so many options at receiver. You could go a number of different directions and still have a pretty decent core.

Auction League Draft StrategyAuction League Best Buys Volume 3

So far in the Auction League Best Buys we have discussed quarterbacks and running backs. It is time to switch gears and move into wide receivers.

Fantasy Wide receivers are  the hardest position to find best buys in auction leagues as there are so many options at receiver. You could go a number of different directions and still have a pretty decent core. Your job in an auction league is not to have a decent core of receivers but have the best group of guys at the best price possible. Let’s jump in and see if we can find a couple of guys that will help your team this year.

Roddy White

Atlanta Falcons

This is one of those receivers that constantly gets undervalued come draft day. White was five points behind teammate Julio Jones and had 150 more receiving yards. This year I guarantee your league mates are going to go crazy over Jones, which is perfect. While they are spending money on Jones, you can spend at least 15 dollars less on Roddy White. Keep in mind that the Atlanta Falcons are an explosive offense and to have any part of it is a plus for your team. Julio Jones may have a slightly better year, but Rowdy Roddy is the Best Buy for the Falcons receiving squad.

Larry Fitzgerald

Arizona Cardinals 

Hands down Fitzgerald is one of the most talented wide receivers in the game. Larry’s value was destroyed last year because of poor quarterback play and a lack of offense throughout. This year Carson Palmer will join the Arizona Cardinals as the signal caller. Palmer’s stats have been declining, but he is still more reliable than John Skelton and or Kevin Kolb ever was. If your league is like mine, people will be overlooking Fitzgerald for many idiotic reasons. Fitz is worth the money you are going to pay for him. Fitzgerald listed in the  mid twenties on ranking boards is crazy, he has excellent value and is a easy best buy on draft day. Any value under $30 is terrific.

DeSean Jackson

Philadelphia Eagles

Some people have DeSean Jackson listed as the bounce back player of the year, which means he had a bad year last year. That also means he should be pretty cheap this season. Chip Kelly is coming to town to revamp Jackson and the Philadelphia Eagles offense. Rumors have surfaced that Jackson will be used in the pass game, the rush game and even a little of special teams as a returner. Let’s hope your league has not heard of this rumor. Jackson missed time last year but still put up 700 yards in eleven games. If Jackson plays the entire year in this offense, he is a steal. I would not spend more than twenty dollars on him but you should be able to get him for way cheaper, especially if he gets thrown into the draft early.

Jordy Nelson

Green bay Packers

Jordy NelsonLike Roddy and Julio in Atlanta, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb are similar for the Green Bay Packers. Everyone is going crazy over Cobb this year and for good reason.

In 2013 a lot of people have Cobb ranked ahead of Nelson in their rankings, including us. That does not mean he is the best buy. In 2011, Nelson had 68 receptions, 1,263 yards and 15 touchdowns. In 2012, Cobb had 80 receptions, 954 yards and 8 touchdowns. I will let you do the math, but Nelson is the winner here. The reason I used Nelson’s 2011 stats is because last year he missed time, using the separate years gives a full season view. Again it’s the same situation as the Falcons, you have a great offense with a lot of weapons but sometimes the guy that looks like the number two is actually the number 1 value. Jordy Nelson is the Green Bay Packers best buy.

As I said before there is a lot of value at the wide receiver position. Do your best to not overspend. Next, is the forth and final installment of Auction League Best Buys. I will take a look at the TE position and get you one of the best options available.

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