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Anticipation for Cold Weather Super Bowl XLVIII?



Cold Weather Super Bowl: Anticipation or Hesitation?

Super Bowl XLVII is just a few days away and spirits couldn’t be higher for “The Harbowl”, “The Superbaugh”, “Brotherbowl”, or whatever other nickname is in the rolodex for the biggest football game of the 2012 season. This year, the Super Bowl is being hosted in one of the more popular venues, the Mercedes Benz Superdome…home to the New Orleans Saints and a site that has hosted the big game six times prior. It’s on the short list of candidates to host big events and provides premium comfort for the 76,000 plus that can pack the joint. The Superdome is a nearly flawless facility to host such an important game, but now the NFL is beginning to take certain risks with where the Super Bowl should be held…starting with next’s season’s Super Bowl XLVIII, being held in East Rutherford, New Jersey, the first time a non-domed stadium in a cold weather city will host the game. There seems to be either a lot of anticipation or hesitation concerning this particular choice since it is the first time the Super Bowl will be held in the New York Metropolitan area, but the arguments coming from both sides present some valid and interesting points concerning the future of the NFL.

It’s no secret that the Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the history of sports, watched by billions around the globe, and ever increasing season by season…even though a majority of folks will only watch for the commercials, but that still doesn’t take away from the fact that the game is one of most widely viewed events ever. Now with Super Bowl XLVIII being played outdoors, concerns have arisen as to what the NFL plans to do if the Meadowlands faces a cold front come next February. Fans expect to be comfortable in attending a game they payed more money for their ticket than for the downpayment on their cars, but maybe the NFL is seeking out other viable venues than the same reusable ones they continue to count on year after year.

It became obvious that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, in meeting with the Super Bowl XLVIII hosts, Giants co-owner John Mara and Jets owner Woody Johnson that discussions about bone chilling temperatures didn’t affect their decision whatsoever. Goodell even went so far as to say that football is a sport that is dominated by the elements and that it’s a game meant to be played in them. Not to mention that people will be expected to flock out to one of the greatest cities in the world to watch the greatest game on earth. With that said, there shouldn’t be any hesitation right?

Wrong. Because there is some obvious speculation and worrisome concerning the venue next year. One dubious response was from Baltimore Raven’s quarterback Joe Flacco during media day this week, who was less than articulate in describing how the Super Bowl hosting committee picked New York as next year’s destination. Flacco literally said, “yeah I think it’s retarded…” His other comments consisted of preferring a retractable roof, thinking the general public wouldn’t like the idea, and that playing in “that kind” of weather wouldn’t be appropriate. Flacco may have said some harsh words, but to some of those words ring true…to some.

The Super Bowl committee strives to make the Super Bowl the most memorable event for everyone in attendance…then again not ever Super Bowl has probably lived up to expectations for some fans. Super Bowl XLV…held in Dallas two years ago, suffered several problems concerning the big game, as more than 200 people were ousted from their seats and sent outside the stadium to watch in the “party plaza” on big screen televisions. This incident, like many others proved that the Super Bowl is bound to make big mistakes. I guess that next year is bound to live up to expectations if too many people don’t complain about the cold, severe temperatures that are predicted to hit the area on February 2, 2014, according to the Farmer’s Almanac.

All in all, if the biggest concerns about Super Bowl XLVIII are about cold weather…it doesn’t appear there should be any problems. Football is definitely a game meant to be played in the harshest conditions possible…shoot, Green Bay Packer, New York Giant/Jet, and New England Patriot fans, as well as a slew of other franchise’s patrons deal with cold weather games at least two months out of the season. So, let’s see what the cards hold next year for the NFL’s first cold weather Super Bowl…whether there are anticipations or hesitations regarding the game. It should be interesting to see how everything turns out. Heck, it’s only one year away right?


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