Real Adrian Peterson Landing Spot Odds

Actual Adrian Peterson Landing Spot Odds

AP Landing Spot Betting Odds
Tampa Buccaneers
3.2 to 1
Minnesota Vikings
5 to 1
New York Giants
5 to 1
Kansas City Chiefs
5 to 1
New England Patriots
9 to 1
Carolina Panthers
9 to 1
Oakland Raiders
9 to 1
Green Bay Packers
9 to 1
Washinton Redskins
12 to 1
Seattle Seahawks
14 to 1
Philadelphia Eagles
25 to 1

I’m not making this up. The following are real odds for which team Adrian Peterson will sign with next. In case you missed it, The Minnesota Vikings announced today that they would not pick up Peterson’s 2017 option, making him an unrestricted free agent. Honestly, this isn’t that much of a surprise to anyone who has been keeping up with NFL Free Agency rumors or on top of the NFL Salary cap situation. Minnesota was never going to pick up AP’s $18 million option. However, GM Rick Spielman has not closed the door on the veteran running back returning to the team on a new, cheaper deal.

As far as these odds go, I’m guessing the person who created them had the same sort of dull afternoon that I did. Honestly, I would have never have found these odds if I wasn’t comparing bets at a few different sportsbooks looking for something to do.

I know what you’re thinking, but weird player signing bet odds aren’t that uncommon. Sportsbooks will put blind bets out for their customers all the time. Sometimes there not even sports related and are quite amusing too. Currently, in the entertainment section of the website I browse from time to time has the following entertainment prop bets:

  • Will Pricewaterhouse Coopers be replaced as the official accounting firm of the Academy Awards in 2018?
  • Who will be the next eliminated from Big Brother Brazil 2017?
  • Who will win Big Brother Brazil 17?

Where Will He Go? Who Would You Pick?

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports Cowboys owner Jerry Jones “would pursue” Adrian Peterson if he’s still available by the March 9 start of free agency.
The Vikings may end up keeping Peterson on a restructured deal, but it’s looking like he’ll hit the open NFL Free Agent market on March 9. Per RapSheet, Jones would like to “pair” Peterson with Ezekiel Elliott in a tandem backfield.

As much as I’m sure these odds will get an update in the morning with the addition of the Dallas Cowboys at maybe 9 to 1, I honestly think Jerry Jones just likes the media spotlight on his team and will say whatever possible to get attention. AP won’t want to take a back seat to Zek Elliott. I’m assuming if Peterson still feels he has gas left in the tank he’s going to want to start somewhere, likely a Super Bowl contender for that matter.

A few weeks back when the New York Giants we’re cleaning house with running back Rashad Jennings and wide receiver Victor Cruz, I did a quick article on how AP had tweeted “The Giants been making some interesting moves” which led most people to believe that he would be interested in going to the Giants if he was let go.

I like the chances of AP signing with the Giants and think they’d be a good fit for Adrian Peterson if they were interested. Adding a player with experience and skill could surely add guidance to the young pup running back Paul Perkins who is currently penciled in as the starting running back.

Looking forward to the NFL offseason and player movement. Thanks for reading.

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