8 Biggest Dynasty Losers After the NFL Draft

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Dynasty FootballIf you’re like me, you pay attention to your dynasty roster year round. When it comes to the NFL Draft, you can look at it a couple of different ways. You could see view it as a scouting tool for your league draft later in the year. The situation that certain players end up is going to be the final determinant in regard to where you pick them.

On the other hand, the NFL Draft could mean trouble for what appears to be a solid roster that you have constructed. Guys you thought were starters on their respective teams heading into the season are now suddenly joined on the depth chart by high profile, talented rookies.

That’s a nightmare for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, your surefire plan is no longer looking so hot. Additionally, you now need to put in extra work in the way of scouting and perhaps pre-draft trading and dealing (if your league allows for that).

Now that the 2016 NFL Draft has wrapped up, here is a quick list of dynasty league owners who should be concerned, and why.

Alfred Morris Owners

Cowboys Running Back

[the_ad id=”58837″]It looked as if Dallas was bringing in a more dependable and consistent runner to put behind that elite offensive line. Morris owners were probably ecstatic until Jerry Jones pulled the trigger on Ezekiel Elliott with the 4th overall pick.

Stefon Diggs Owners

Vikings Wide Receiver

Diggs is a special talent, which was why many owners grabbed him off waivers as his production picked up last season. He quickly emerged as the most talented receiver on the Vikings roster, which must have made a lot of people feel good. I wonder how they feel now that Minnesota has drafted a prototypical No. 1 wideout, who at the very least is going to significantly cut into Diggs’ targets.

DeMarco Murray Owners

Titans Running Back

The one thing you have been able to count on with Murray over the last few seasons was that he was going to be the feature back wherever he was. Now, that’s up for debate, as Tennessee drafted Derrick Henry in the second round. That’s awfully high for a guy to just sit back and play second fiddle. They’ll be splitting carries by mid-season.

Jay Ajayi Owners

Dolphins Running Back

I include myself in the group. I saw Lamar Miller leaving town and quickly grabbed Ajayi off waivers. Miller left, I cheered and then the Dolphins drafted Kenyon Drake – basically a T.J. Yeldon clone whose talent almost demands him on the field during passing downs. Not a huge hit for Ajayi owners, but a hit nonetheless.

Justin Forsett/ Buck Allen

Ravens Running Backs

[the_ad id=”58835″]It doesn’t matter if it’s Justin Forsett or Lorenzo Taliaferro — their days are numbered. Baltimore took Kenneth Dixon – a guy some thought might be one of the top three backs in the draft – and former Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds, who should be formidable. Somebody’s gotta go.

C.J. Anderson Owners

Broncos Running Backs

If you own Anderson, you probably felt good about him returning to Denver to be the main man ahead of Ronnie Hillman. Then John Elway pulled the trigger on Utah’s Devontae Booker, who is quite simply a stud. Booker will be a starting three-down back in the NFL; it’s just a matter of when.

Rashad Jennings/Shane Vereen Owners

Giants Running Back

If you own Jennings, you probably thought you had another season worth of starter carries out of him. If you own Vereen, you were counting on enough touches for him to be a viable sub on heavy bye weeks. By drafting UCLA’s Paul Perkins, the Giants staff proves that they don’t care about your fantasy team. Perkins is the every-down back the Giants have needed for years.

Jeremy Langford Owners

Bears Running Back

Again, I count myself in this group. I scooped Langford up last season when Matt Forte went down and forecasted him as the starter in 2016. I thought I was in the clear when the Bears didn’t bring in a big-time back during free agency. Then they go and draft Jordan Howard, a bruiser with speed who has all of the tools to be a starting back in the NFL. He’ll likely be a serious touchdown vulture in goal line situations.

– – Up For Debate – –

Thomas Rawls Owners

Seahawks Running Back

This one is clearly up for debate and we’ll know more as things progress. Our very own Josh Daniels raised some excellent points in a article that gives a long hard look at the Seahawks history with Pete Carroll and it’s running style, but at this time I’m not sold. There were people banking on him being the man post-Beast Mode in Seattle. Then the Seahawks go out and draft three running backs, two of which might be better than Rawls right now. C.J. Prosise is a future star in the league.

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