5 Reasons You Don’t Need a Fantasy Magazine

You Don’t Need a Fantasy Mag Bro!

Fantasy Football MagazinesLook around your house or apartment. Do you see a rotary phone, a butter churner, and a cross-stitch from your great-grandma that says “Computers Are the Devil”? No? Then you are in fact living in 2016, and you don’t need to waste $8.99 on a printed fantasy football guide.

It’s amazing that, in this day and age, some fantasy players continue to fork over money every year to get useless information in print. Useless information can be found everywhere for free; purchasing it and displaying it in your house or bringing it to the office only serves to announce to everyone around you that you like wasting your money and time. It also encourages people to invite you to their money leagues, because they see your dumb magazine and assume they’re better at fantasy football than you are – and, if you’re the type to buy a fantasy football magazine, they probably are.

Just take a look at this tweet from July 2014, a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

Above Tweet is from July 2014:

Just look at this gem of a tweet from our head writer Mike Rigz that shows mistakes that are often made.

The image you’re looking at is Mike who has turned the page of a “big named” fantasy football magazine so you can see of rankings by position from one page and Top 280 rankings literally one page later. In the positional rankings they have Matthew Stafford QB4, and in the Top 280 they have him QB2?!!

Here are five other points you need to know about fantasy magazines:

1. Outdated Information

[the_ad id=”58837″]Any magazine that boasts about having information on every player must take a long time to make. Months, even. With new information coming out daily in fantasy football, that unchanging magazine becomes useless before it ever hits the presses.

Go to your local bookstore and pick up the fantasy magazine they have on display. Where does it say to draft Arian Foster? What about Josh Gordon? If only you had some way of knowing which players would get hurt between publication and the draft…or, you could put the magazine back on the shelf and boot up your computer like someone born after the Great Depression would.

2. Duplication Deception

Surely one of those big-name sports websites would provide exclusive content to the suckers foolish enough to purchase their magazines, right? I mean, it would be borderline larceny to make customers pay for something they already offer for free!

Guess what, though: that’s exactly what they do. If you were tricked into buying a magazine already, go online and compare the analysis to what you find on the publication’s website. Not only are those magazines outdated, they’re carbon copies of the information posted on the website months ago! You could have saved some money by going to the website and printing every player profile and bold prediction straight off the page.

3. Oh, It’s My Turn? Hang On…

Purchase a magazine to bring to your draft, and not only will you endure well-deserved mockery, you will slow down the entire process and put yourself in an optimal position for failure.

If you have some nice player rankings open in Excel, or a tab open in your browser with your favorite source of information ready to peruse, you’ll be more than ready when the draft comes around to your pick. If you have to thumb through a magazine, you’ll spend 80 of your allotted 90 seconds for your pick finding the right pages and scanning over various players before making a hasty decision based on bad information. Why would you do that to yourself?

4. Magazines Change for No Man

If you have a note to make on a player you like, just take your pen; open up the magazine to the draft page or player profile; try (and fail) to write on the glossy pages; puncture the thin paper in frustration; try a highlighter instead; watch the highlighter bleed and smudge everywhere; give up and circle the player’s name; try to remember later why you circled this guy in the first place; get last place in your league.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? The nice thing about using your computer to gather information is you can change that information anytime, anywhere. It’s easy. Did you download the Gridiron Experts player projections, but you hate Sam Bradford for some reason? You can delete him! Firmly believe Ameer Abdullah should be your first-round pick? You can put him there yourself with just a copy-paste!
The point is, magazines tell you what to do and offer no deviation. With computerized draft tools, you get great advice you can customize to fit your preferences.

5. Never Buy One…Unless…

Fantasy magazines have one use and one use only: tricking other people for your benefit.
Do you know some people in your league who are easily fooled? Buy a magazine and “forget” about it by leaving it near them on draft day. Magazines are useless when they tell you Arian Foster is a steal at the end of the first, but when they tell your leaguemates, they can be quite helpful.

Are you trying to get into a juicy office league, but the guy you know is hesitating to invite you because of your fantasy skills? Let him catch you reading a fantasy magazine. He will feel less threatened by you and invite you to the league, letting his guard down because he thinks you’re the kind of dope who gets his advice from a magazine.

Become a Member at Gridiron Experts Instead!

If you know the difference between Internet Explorer and a Ford Explorer, you’re too smart to waste your money on a fantasy magazine for guidance. Let others take the fall.

Keep your focus on the advice and tools here at Gridiron Experts while fantasy magazines go the way of the telegram.

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