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5 Fantasy Football Situations I’m Avoiding

Fantasy Football 2013 Bust

Fantasy football owners are beginning to assemble their draft boards for upcoming season. Some also have separate lists of players that fall under sleepers, overrated or underrated. One list that I’m pretty sure everyone makes is the players to avoid… here are Zhan’s

Fantasy Football Bust5 Fantasy Situations Zhan Mourning is Avoiding

Around this time each year, fantasy football owners begin to assemble their draft boards for upcoming re-draft leagues. Some also have separate lists of players that fall under sleepers, overrated or underrated. One list that I’m pretty sure everyone makes is the players to avoid.

Now let me make something clear, you will never hear me say, “I will NEVER draft this player” or “I took him off of my draft board.” Each player has their price, its just a matter of what you want to pay. The following is a list of fantasy situations I will be trying to avoid this year, based on the players involved current ADP.

Patriots Running Backs: The Patriots are starting to have some problems pop up here and there. Between the lack of quality depth at the wide receiver, to what many see as the unraveling of both Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. One thing New England does have is a solid group of running backs. There is even rumors of the Pats going to a more run oriented offense. Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen are the two popular names, and I’m sure they will be great fantasy assets on certain weeks, but as we have seen the past couple of years, it’s hard to predict with Bill Belichick. Add into the mix a short yardage/Goal line back in Legarrette Blount and second year player Brandon Bolden and the situation just gets muddier. Any of these four players could turn out to be fantasy stars in 2013, but it’s something i’d rather not gamble with.

Broncos Running Backs: While many are claiming that rookie Montee Ball Is a lock to become the starter in Denver, I say pump the brakes. Even with Willis Mcgahee gone, it doesn’t clear up the situation much. First, look at coach John Fox’s history of using rookie running backs. To add to that, second year player Ronnie Hillman has been getting high praise from mini-camps. Also don’t forget Knowshon Moreno. He showed in 2012 that he can still have some fantasy relevance. I think we are staring at a pure committee situation that I don’t want much to do with.

Redskins Running Backs: There is definitely some talent on this squad but there are just too many bodies. Clearly Alfred Morris seems like the guy as of now, but given the Shanahanigans that goes along with Mike Shanahan, who knows. Keiland Williams, Evan Royster, Chris Thompson, Jawan Jamison and Roy Helu all could take over that job at a moments notice. Granted with the exception of Morris, most of these players are later picks or waiver wire material, but either way it could turn into a complete headache that I’d rather not deal with.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Jacksonville has been a fantasy void for the most part the last few years. While some may still argue that Cecil Shorts and Maurice Jones Drew are fantasy stars, I will most likely look elsewhere. MJD is headed down a slippery slope. Injuries and showing up to camp out of shape aren’t good signs. Even in a year that seems to be shallow on quality running backs, MJD would have to freefall in a draft for me to take him. Cecil Shorts may be the only proven receiver, yet he has a concussion history and a lack of quality quarterback play doen’t help either.

New York Jets: Not much needs to be said here that hasn’t already been said. The Jets are a mess. Offensive line woes also haven’t helped the fantasy value of the Jets skill position players. Many are clamoring about Chris Ivory being the shining fantasy star for New York in 2013. This is true, but also remember his history of injuries combine with his overall amount of experience. The wide receiving corps is just about worthless between banged up veterans, and young players who haven’t developed yet. Plus how will they get the ball? Because whether its Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith or both at the helm, it will hard to expect much in 2013.

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