2QB Fantasy Strategy: The Sequel

2qb Fantasy Football

In Part 1 of my 2QB fantasy strategy, we looked at quarterbacks that could fit onto your roster as potential MVPs and difference-makers in your run to the 2013 Fantasy Championship. Today, in Part 2, we look at the deep sleepers that are most likely going to go undrafted, and could potentially crack the starting lineup for you before the end of the year. There is a VERY good chance these players are duds – as boring as a green bell pepper – but one of them could be as spicy as a habanero and exactly what your team needs to win the big trophy.

So here are some QB’s to think about when going into your draft, rated by chili peppers on the Scoville Heat Scale from 1 (Bell Pepper) to 350,000 (habanero). The rating is based purely on my own wild speculation on whether I see them as a diamond in the rough this season, or just a plain old flop.

The Big Red Stop Sign:

Carson Palmer

Carson Palmer – Remember the days when Carson Palmer was considered one of the best QBs in the league? He was a must-have in 1QB leagues, let alone 2QB leagues… Then he had the issue with his elbow in 2008. No one talks about it, but his arm strength has NEVER been the same since the injury and his accuracy has suffered as well. He was a career 64% passer before the injury, and just 60% after. He is also notorious for his awful interceptions, 20, 16, and 14 in the last three years respectively. Last year, he completed three TDs over 50 yards. Of those three receptions, one was a dump off and the other two were throws of 20 yards and 17 yards that Darius Heyward-Bey turned upfield with his speed. His arm just ISN’T there anymore! That being said, he hasn’t had a weapon like Larry Fitzgerald at his disposal for many seasons, which may result in slightly better numbers than his 2012 season where he was QB16. Again, like Alex Smith, he’s not going to win you the championship, but is a usable QB2. Author’s Note: I could write an entire article on my dislike for Carson Palmer.
Spicy Pepper Rating: Bell Pepper – 1 on the Scoville Scale

Low Risk, Low Reward:

Alex Smith – After being traded for a high second round pick, he has been positioned as the undisputed starter and should immediately benefit from Andy Reid’s quarterback-friendly offense. The weapons around him (RB Jamal Charles and WR Dwayne Bowe) are equal-to-or-better-than those he had in San Francisco, where he put up 3100 yds and 17 TDs in 2011: good enough for QB14 and a solid QB2 for any roster. Smith reeks of the typical low-risk-low-reward play if there ever was one. He could finish being an ok QB2, or a top-end QB3, but don’t expect for him to single handedly take you to a fantasy championship.
Spicy Pepper Rating: Red Chili – 500 on the Scoville Scale

Potential Day One Starters Who Could Be Better Then You Had Hoped:

Geno Smith – J-E-T-S SUCK SUCK SUCK! And we all know that Mark Sanchez is not the answer, unless the question is ‘who should never start another game for the Jets?’ The offensive talent on the field around Geno is similar to the rest of the Jets franchise: rebuilding. The chance of him having a breakout season is low, so more than anything, he might be a nice stash in dynasty leagues.
Spicy Pepper Rating: Chili Verde – 1000 on the Scoville Scale

Last Chance To Be Productive:

Blaine Gabbert – Wait, wait, wait… don’t close the webpage yet! Give me two sentences before you skip ahead! I’m not going to say here is that I think Gabbert is going to be a stud… far from it. What I am saying is that with the new coaching staff and another year with Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon (after his four game suspension), he actually has more potential this year than last. It was pretty apparent to the Jags that Chad Henne is NOT the answer, so they will give Gabbert every chance to succeed. I think that Gabbert is an ok depth quarterback to have on your roster coming out of the draft, but within five weeks you should know whether you have a diamond or just a stinky turd.
Spicy Pepper Rating: Jalepeño – 4500 on the Scoville Scale

Injury Fill-In:

Ryan Fitzpatrick – Tennessee starter Jake Locker isn’t known as the most durable quarterback in NFL history. He’s missed six games in each of the past two seasons due to injury, therefore I expect him to miss time again this year. Shocking, isn’t it? Behind him, the Titans have brought in proven veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick to take over INT duties should Locker suffer an injury. Fitzpatrick showed flashes of brilliance in Buffalo and, should he get the opportunity to play in Tennessee, his veteran experience could work well with a receiving corps of Kenny Britt, Kendall Wright and Nate Washington.
Spicy Pepper Rating: Serrano – 9,000 on the Scoville Scale

Backups That Should Get Time:

Tyler Wilson – Wouldn’t it be funny if Matt Flynn got beat out for a starting job by a rookie named ‘Wilson’ for the second straight season? From all accounts, Flynn has not impressed in mini-camps, showing off an arm that is closer to a child’s water gun than a cannon. Wilson has been crisp and accurate in his time under center. I expect Flynn to start week one, but we all know the Raiders are going to be horribly, horribly bad this season, so I think Wilson gets in by week eleven.
Spicy Pepper Rating: Cayenne – 30,000 on the Scoville Scale

Deep Sleeper:

Mike Glennon – When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted Glennon in the third round, it officially put Josh Freeman on high alert. With Freeman entering a contract year, the pressure is on the Bucs front office to decide if he is the quarterback they want leading the franchise for the next 5-10 years. This is why I feel that as soon as Freeman falters, Glennon will get a look. And if he does, having the likes of Doug Martin and Vincent Jackson around sure makes him a candidate for a late season breakout. If you have roster space for a QB that you can stash for 8-10 weeks, make Glennon that guy.
Spicy Pepper Rating: Habenaro – 350,000 on the Scoville Scale

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