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2020 NFL Draft Prop Bet Specials: Predict the Pick Over/Under

NFL Draft Prop Bet Specials

The NFL draft is a three-day prime time event that usually features big ratings, thousands of fans and celebrity guests, or musically performances. The NFL Draft has morphed into a massive event over the last few years as college football’s best and brightest talents are drafted into the Pros. Obviously this year different. With Covid-19 forcing everyone on lockdown with strict social distancing rules, such an event must be altered. Foruntunley, the NFL is confident the show can still go one as they prepare to broadcast the NFL Draft in an all-virtual format.

NFL war rooms will be nothing more than GM’s drafting players from their homes while picks are announced by Rodger Goodell in his basement (no joke). With weeks of no sports, what seemed like a dumb idea when first announced it shaping up to be a huge event. Hopefully, the NFL’s graphic team will be sharp with game highlights and expert insight via commentators from their homes because the fans are hurting for some entertainment. Also, whether you’re in a friendly game with family or using sites for sports betting in New Jersey, or Las Vegas, Sportsbetting on the three-day draft event should be huge. That is why I have dug up some NFL Draft Prop Bet Specials for you to check out now. The following are some Predict the Pick prop bets for the NFL Draft.

Note: The way these prop bets work is you are betting on whether a player will be drafted before or after the suggested pick.

  1. QB Justin Herbert Draft Position: Over Pick 5.5 (-120)  | Under Pick 5.5 (-120)
  2. DT Derrick Brown Draft Position: Over Pick 8.5 (+150)  | Under Pick 8.5 (-200)
  3. WR CeeDee Lamb Draft Position: Over Pick 12.5 (+115)  | Under Pick 12.5 (-155)
  4. WR Jerry Jeudy Draft  Position: Over Pick 11.5 (-150)  | Under Pick 11.5 (+110)
  5. WR Henry Ruggs III Draft Position: Over Pick 13.5 (-115)  | Under Pick 13.5 (-115)
  6. CB Jedrick Wills Draft Position: Over Pick 8.5 (+120)  | Under Pick 8.5 (-160)
  7. WR Jalen Reagor Draft Position: Over Pick 32.5 (-180)  | Under Pick 32.5 (+140)
  8. WR Denzil Mims Draft Position: Over 32.5 (+150) | Under 32.5 (-200)
  9. QB Jordan Love Draft Position: Over Pick 19.5 (-145)  | Under Pick 19.5 (-105)
  10. WR Justin Jefferson Draft Position: Over Pick 21.5 (+130)   | Under Pick 21.5 (-170)
  11. RB Jonathan Taylor Draft Position: Over 37.5 (-125) | Under Pick 37.5 (-115)

My Take & Recommendations

Prop Bets I Like

I’m a diehard NFL Draft fan. I have a shoebox with old NFL draft magazines that date back to 2001. I watch college football religiously and feel I have a keen ear to the ground for rumors and BS. That being said, I believe this will be the hardest NFL Draft to predict for years to come. There have been no player pro days for the rookies, which usually allows for rumors or insight into who teams like or dislike. Scouts and coaches would send team scouts to watch certain players and the number of times rookies worked out with or talked to an NFL club would be a reliable indicator of who they liked. This year is different, which could translate into a huge opportunity for sports betting upsets.

In terms of pure scouting, I highly recommend Gil Bryant. He is extremely sharp with player talent and usually has one of the more accurate mock drafts every year. Gil Byrant’s top 150 does not exactly match what most cookie-cutter mock drafts are spitting out these days. I think there are a lot of easy picks to be made in this draft if you dive deep or are willing to lay money with a favorite. You also have to factor in the need and pure value of the quarterback position. The Lions and Giants have been rumored to be open to trading back which should shake up the top 5 picks which will have a ripple effect for who teams are taking and where. I could see the Chargers, Dolphins and even Jaguars be eager to get up the board to draft either Justin Herbert or Tua Tagovailoa.

My advice for those looking to drop a few bets on the NFL draft is, play it safe with the need for Quarterback talent being reached for and take a few long shots for upsets in 2020


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