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2018 NFL Draft Odds: First WR, Second RB Selected

NFL Draft Odds

Downtime leading up to the 2018 NFL Draft usually consists of an accessive number of Mock Drafts being shared on social media, rookie film study and simply Twitter debates on where players will land. The three-day draft event kicks off on Thursday, April 26th with a primetime showing of the first round, followed a by another Friday primetime event of rounds two and three, and closing out on Saturday the 28th with rounds four through seven. The NFL Draft has become a major NFL spectacle. Last years epic outdoor Draft experience in Philadelphia took things to a new level, as the league announced that an amazing 250,000 people attended the event. Setting an all-time NFL draft attendance record. This year the 2018 NFL Draft will be held at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

This time of year Gridiron Experts takes a casual approach in the days leading up until the NFL Draft. We don’t stress or over-hype rookies until we see the final landing spot, nor do we advise Dynasty owners sell quality players for rookie draft picks in their leagues. Cooler heads prevail and despite the urge to want to get aggressive in your Dynasty league, you’re better off just educating yourself on prospects and waiting for the perfect moment to strike. In the coming weeks, we will have some fun party games available for the NFL Draft weekend along with an NFL Draft trivia game for the hardcore fans. Until that time, let’s take a look at some betting odds on who could be the 2nd running back selected and the first wide receiver selected in this year’s NFL Draft. The reason why these odds feature the “2nd RB selected” is due to the fact that Saquon Barkley appears to have the top running back position locked up indefinitely.

2nd RB Selected Odds
Derrius Guice -500
Sony Michel 200
Nick Chubb 700
Ronald Jones 2000
Saquon Barkley 2500
Any Other RB 3300
1st WR Selected Odds
Calvin Ridley -200
DJ Moore 160
Courtland Sutton 400
James Washington 1000
Christian Kirk 1200
Any Other WR 1100

How Do These Odds Work?

The easiest way to understand these odds is to think in units of $100. So Sony Michel to be the second RB drafted at the 2018 NFL Draft would be 7 to 1. However, the reason they don’t display the odds that format is because of the heavy favorites. Derrius Guice for example, you would have to bet $500 just to win $100.

My Thoughts

It’s interesting that these odds makers would tease you with the possibility that Saquon Barkley wouldn’t be the first overall pick. It’s hard to imagine any team that has their heart set on a player like Derrius Guice would not trade back a few spots, gain a few picks in the process and still land their guy. However, stranger things have happened on Draft Day and we have seen teams throw out their draft board on the spot with the mounting pressure of the clock and the stress of landing the right player. This is why team’s like New England usually do so well. As they spend most of their time sitting in the back half of the first round and simply take calls from overzealous teams willing to overpay to trade up to get their guy. I think Derrius Guice is almost a lock as the 2nd RB off the board, and could see him go in the top 15. However, I do find it interesting looking at the odds between Sony Michel, Nick Chubb, and Ronald Jones.

The first wide receiver drafted in this year’s NFL Draft could be a fun prop bet to have. Teams view wide receivers totally different than how they view running backs. A wide receiver usually has a unique skillset and comes in a completely different range of sizes. With some WR’s built for speed and others built to outmuscle their opponent’s, teams usually draft players that fit their current scheme or system. As it seems over the last few years, NFL teams have really focused on adding complaint players to help their WR1 gain breathing room in coverage. The Texans adding Will Fuller a few years ago is a good example of adding speed to take the top off a defense and force opponents to stop double-teaming DeAndre Hopkins. I assume that was also the plan for John Ross and the Bengals last year when they selected him 9th overall. Unfortunately, Ross’s rookie season was a disaster as he didn’t make a single catch.

The 2018 WR class is an excellent group of talent and a certain player could peak the interest of any team at any point in the draft. I like James Washington from Oklahoma St to go in the top 20. With an impressive college resume yet a good but not great NFL combine I feel he’s been flying under the radar. I think a team like the Dallas Cowboys are targeting him with their 19th overall pick. Will he be the first wide receiver off the board? – probably not, however the need for Quarterbacks could really shake up the first round quite a bit in terms of draft order. Teams in prime spots to take a WR may trade back with an enticing offer from a team looking to move up. If I have to place to bet, I would likely pick DJ Moore to go first. I’m really curious to see who drafts Calvin Ridley, I for some reason feel not every team has him as their top wide receiver.

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