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In a Half Point PPR League and need players to target? Gridiron Experts has you covered with the best half point PPR players to target in fantasy drafts.

0.5 PPR Fantasy Players to Target

Fill in the blank: Once you go ________, you never go back.

I’m sure all of you were thinking half-point PPR.

What is half-point PPR? Besides the best scoring system for all fantasy football leagues, it’s simply players get half a point for a reception.  It levels the playing field, so you need a player who not only catches the ball but gets yards and touchdowns with it. This article will help you find the best half-point PPR players to target in fantasy drafts this season.

To showcase why half-point PPR is the best scoring format, I am going to highlight two players.  To make things more interesting, I won’t give you the players’ names so you can guess who they are.

Player APlayer B
Played in all 16 GamesPlayed in all 16 Games
Had 80 catches in 2015Averaged 47 receiving yards a game in 2015
Averaged only 3.4 yards per carry in 2015Had 336 rushing yards in 2015
Scored six receiving and three rushing touchdownsScored nine total touchdowns in 2015
Averaged 15.3 fantasy points per gameAveraged 10.2 fantasy points per game
Was 10th at his position in fantasy points per gameWas 20th at his position in fantasy points per game
Currently going in round five of draftsCurrently going in round eight of drafts
Finished 3rd at his position in 2015Finished 10th at his position in 2015

Can you guess who Player A and Player B are?

Would it help if I said they are both running backs? Does it help if I told you they both play in the AFC West Division? Last hint, they both currently play on the San Diego Chargers.

Would you believe me if Player A and Player B were both Danny Woodhead? Well, believe it or not, it’s true. But how you might ask?

Player A is Woodhead in a PPR league while Player B is Woodhead in a standard league. As you can see, Woodhead is much more important in a PPR league and his current ADP (average draft position) shows that. In a half-point PPR format, it levels out the scoring, so all running backs are on an equal playing field for scoring points.

Below is the best half-point PPR players to target in fantasy football drafts this season based on value.

Mark Ingram

Height 5’10”, Weight 215 lbs, Age 26

Would you be interested in a running back currently going in Round 3 that has top-5 running back upside? If you answered yes then I present to you, Mark Ingram. Last season Ingram carried the ball 166 times for 769 yards and six touchdowns over 12 games. He also had his best season as a receiver with 50 catches for 405 yards.  That’s 14 carries for 64 yards and 0.5 touchdowns with four catches for 34 yards per game.

If you take those numbers through an entire 16 game season, it comes out to 224 carries for 1,024 yards and eight touchdowns on the ground, with 64 catches and 544 additional yards as a pass-catcher. That makes Ingram a top-5 running back in half-point PPR leagues.

According to Gridiron Experts half-point PPR rankings, we have Ingram averaging the third highest points per game. The only knock against him is his inability to stay healthy, where he has only had one full 16-game season in his career. That being said, Ingram will be the bell cow for an explosive offense and with his current ADP, he is a steal.

Randall Cobb

Height 5’10”, Weight 191 lbs, Age 26

Randall CobbRandall Cobb was a disappointment in 2015 but for some odd reason, he is the only Green Bay Packers player not getting a free pass for their terrible season. Everyone is back on the Aaron Rodgers, Eddie Lacy, and Jordy Nelson train but yet Cobb is left out to dry?  Doesn’t make sense to me. If we are expecting the Packers to bounce back, then we should expect Cobb to do the same.

Let’s not forget that Cobb was a top-10 receiver in half-point PPR leagues in 2014 with a stat line of 91-1287-12. We have seen his ability to be a great fantasy option, so don’t let one down season make you think otherwise.

Why am I so confident in a bounce-back year for Cobb? Glad you asked.

He started the first three games of last season with 20 catches for 245 yards and four touchdowns.  Then he suffered an AC joint sprain in his shoulder which slowed him down for the rest of the year. Cobb is a tough guy and played through it for his team. Currently, Cobb is going as the 20th receiver off the board, which is a great bargain for a guy we have seen be a top-10 option. Target Cobb in all your drafts but especially half point PPR ones.

Vance McDonald

Height 6’4”, Weight 267 lbs, Age 26

[the_ad id=”63198″]All aboard the hype train or maybe I should say freight train that is San Francisco 49ers tight end, Vance McDonald. He is a monster of a man who has an unbelievable athletic ability which shows in his 43-yard touchdown catch in his week two preseason game.

Last season, over McDonald’s last six games, he averaged 3.5 catches for 44 yards and 0.5 touchdowns and served as a favorite option for quarterback Blaine Gabbert. Those numbers through an entire 16-game season add up to a 56-704-8 line.  That makes him a top-12 TE in half-point PPR leagues and for a guy currently going in Round 13 or even undrafted, there is no risk in taking him.

Some more good news, he is the clear cut number one tight end and possibly the best receiving option in San Francisco at the moment. Not to mention the last two seasons the Philadelphia Eagles under Chip Kelly (Kelly is now the head coach of the 49ers) targeted their tight ends 24-percent of the time.

McDonald will not only be a red zone threat with his size but will be heavily involved in the offense, catching balls and racking up yards. That is the perfect recipe for a tight end in half-point PPR leagues.

DeMarco Murray

Height 6’0”, Weight 214 lbs, Age 28

[the_ad id=”58837″]DeMarco Murray was traded this offseason to the Tennessee Titans and will get a fresh start. Last season was a disaster for Murray as he failed to live up to all the hype surrounding his 2014 season where he was the best running back in fantasy football. So after a disaster season why would I tell you to target someone?

Last season Murray finished as the 18th best running back in fantasy football. Wait really? Yea you are reading that right. My next question is how many people reading this think Murray will have a worse season in 2016? I know I sure don’t! Currently, Murray is the 18th running back off the board in drafts.

So you’re telling me I can draft a guy at his worst season imaginable value? Yes, yes I am.

Murray has looked exquisite in the Titans “exotic smash-mouth” running game racking up 113 yards on 11 carries with a touchdown, including this 71-yard touchdown run. The Titans improved their offensive line in the offseason to focus much more on running the ball. Not only will Murray get 200-plus carries, he has always had a great ability to catch the ball. In his last three seasons, Murray has averaged 51 catches.

Murray has a terrific all-around skillset and should be motivated to prove that last year was a fluke, and he can still play at an elite level. He’s an overlooked fantasy bargain in 2016.

Travis Benjamin

Height 5’10”, Weight 172 lbs, Age 26

Travis Benjamin found himself bringing in the Benjamin’s as he signed a four-year $24 million contract this offseason with the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers wanted to target a receiver with Benjamin’s skillset because he compliments Keenan Allen perfectly, with Allen’s ability to catch short passes and Benjamin’s ability to stretch the field.

Speaking of stretching the field, that is exactly what Philip Rivers and new Offensive Coordinator Ken Whisenhunt love to do. Rivers had his best season in the league when Whisenhunt was his play-caller in 2013.

Benjamin proved to be one of the league’s best deep ball receivers in 2015 as he finished as a top-30 receiver with 68 catches for 966 yards and five touchdowns, which all led the Cleveland Browns. He is much more than just a deep ball receiver and now with better quarterback play, I am expecting a breakout season for Benjamin.

Currently, Benjamin is the 47th receiver off the board which is a great value with his upside.  We have him pegged as our 35th receiver in half-point PPR rankings because, if he can do it with the Browns and their quarterback carousel, then we are confident he can do it with a pass happy offense with Rivers.  Look for a stat line of 68-978-6 for Benjamin this season.


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