Week 5 Fantasy Player Rankings

NFL Week 5 Fantasy Player Rankings

Week 5 Fantasy Player Rankings

NFL Week 5 Fantasy Player RankingsAll Fantasy Player Rankings are educated guesses based on team averages, hot-streaks, injures and for Gridiron Experts, our new Outplay Formula. But here are a few tips that you may not think about when picking players to start:

  • A great receiver on a team that will likely be trailing at half time has better odds of making plays in fantasy football in a come-from-behind shoot-out rather than a WR on a team that is projected to blow someone out and then sit on a lead.
  • Staying with the same logic, a RB on a team that is projected to win big will likely run out the clock late in the late 3rd and 4th quarter to stay conservative and not make any mistakes.
  • A bad group or linebackers can be a dream fantasy match-up for Tightends and or slot receivers.
  • Any time in the pocket is good time, if a team lacks pressure you can expect more deep plays. Check out injuries that matter in our weekly article Inside the Trenches

The Following are Fantasy Player Rankings for Week 5

 Wk 5 WR Projections  |Opp.

  1. Calvin Johnson vs.Chi
  2. Vincent Jackson @Den
  3. Wes Welker vs.NYJ
  4. Greg Jennings @Atl
  5. Steve Smith vs.NO
  6. Larry Fitzgerald @Min
  7. Roddy White vs.GB
  8. Hakeem Nicks vs.Sea
  9. DeSean Jackson @Buf
  10. Mike Wallace vs.Ten
  11. Dwayne Bowe @Ind
  12. Jeremy Maclin @Buf
  13. Steve Johnson vs.Phi
  14. Brandon Lloyd vs.SD
  15. Reggie Wayne vs.KC
  16. Jordy Nelson @Atl
  17. Santonio Holmes @NE
  18. Percy Harvin vs.Ari
  19. A.J. Green @Jac
  20. Julio Jones vs.GB
  21. Sidney Rice @NYG
  22. Mike Williams @SF
  23. Marques Colston @Car
  24. Eric Decker vs.SD
  25. Nate Washington @Pit
  26. Lance Moore @Car
  27. Plaxico Burress @NE
  28. Pierre Garcon vs.KC
  29. M.Manningham vs.Sea
  30. Jacoby Jones vs.Oak
  31. Mike Thomas vs.Cin
  32. Johnny Knox @Det
  33. Victor Cruz vs.Sea
  34. Robert Meachem @Car
  35. Denarius Moore @Hou
  36. Deion Branch vs.NYJ
  37. David Nelson vs.Phi
  38. Michael Crabtree vs.TB
  39. Antonio Brown vs.Ten
  40. Dexter McCluster @Ind
  41. Nate Burleson vs.Chi
  42. Kevin Walter vs.Oak
  43. Malcom Floyd @Den
  44. Jacoby Ford @Hou
  45. D.Heyward-Bey @Hou
  46. Titus Young vs.Chi
  47. Devery Henderson @Car
  48. Austin Collie vs.KC
  49. Steve Breaston @Ind
  50. Josh Morgan vs.TB
Wk 5 RB Projections | Opp.

  1. Arian Foster vs.Oak
  2. Darren McFadden @Hou
  3. Adrian Peterson vs.Ari
  4. LeSean McCoy @Buf
  5. Fred Jackson vs.Phi
  6. Matt Forte @Det
  7. M.Jones-Drew vs.Cin
  8. Chris Johnson @Pit
  9. Ryan Mathews @Den
  10. Michael Turner vs.GB
  11. Beanie Wells @Min
  12. Frank Gore vs.TB
  13. Jahvid Best vs.Chi
  14. Darren Sproles @Car
  15. Ahmad Bradshaw vs.Sea
  16. Cedric Benson @Jac
  17. LeGarrette Blount @SF
  18. Mark Ingram @Car
  19. Joseph Addai vs.KC
  20. B.Green-Ellis vs.NYJ
  21. Willis McGahee vs.SD
  22. James Starks @Atl
  23. Shonn Greene @NE
  24. Isaac Redman vs.Ten
  25. Mike Tolbert @Den
  26. DeAngelo Williams vs.NO
  27. Jonathan Stewart vs.NO
  28. Brandon Jacobs vs.Sea
  29. Marshawn Lynch @NYG
  30. Ryan Grant @Atl
  31. Stevan Ridley vs.NYJ
  32. Thomas Jones @Ind
  33. Dexter McCluster @Ind
  34. Michael Bush @Hou
  35. R.Mendenhall vs.Ten

Wk 5 QB Projections | Opp.

  1. Aaron Rodgers @Atl
  2. Tom Brady vs. NYJ
  3. Drew Brees @Car
  4. Philip Rivers @Den
  5. Matthew Stafford vs.Chi
  6. Cam Newton vs.NO
  7. Michael Vick @Buf
  8. Matt Ryan vs.GB
  9. Eli Manning vs.Sea
  10. Ryan Fitzpatrick vs.Phi
  11. Matt Schaub Oak
  12. Josh Freeman @SF
  13. Jay Cutler @Det
  14. Kevin Kolb @Min
  15. Donovan McNabb vs.Ari
  16. Ben Roethlisberger vs.Ten
  17. Mark Sanchez @NE
  18. Matt Hasselbeck @Pit
  19. Kyle Orton vs.SD
  20. Jason Campbell @Hou

Wk 5 TE Projections | Opp.

  1. Jermichael Finley @Atl
  2. Jimmy Graham @Car
  3. Rob Gronkowski vs.NYJ
  4. Owen Daniels vs.Oak
  5. Tony Gonzalez vs.GB
  6. Dustin Keller @NE
  7. Greg Olsen vs.NO
  8. Jermaine Gresham @Jac
  9. Vernon Davis vs.TB
  10. Scott Chandler vs.Phi
  11. Jared Cook @Pit
  12. Brandon Pettigrew vs.Chi
  13. Visanthe Shiancoe vs.Ari
  14. Kellen Winslow @SF
  15. Dallas Clark vs.KC
  16. Marcedes Lewis vs.Cin
  17. Todd Heap @Min
  18. Jeremy Shockey vs.NO
  19. Randy McMichael @Den
  20. Kevin Boss @Hou
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