Veteran QB List Grows: Hasselbeck out

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Published: March 18, 2013

Matt HasselbeckThe Tennessee Titans have released veteran QB Matt Hasselbeck Monday, ending a 2 year stint with the team. He along with the likes of Ryan FitzpatrickJason Campbell and Kevin Kolb all get added to our free agent tracker list, as they look for their newest place to call home.

These journeymen gunslingers are all perceived as excellent “player coaches” for a backup QB position that any team would be happy to add to the roster. Their experience in many different offensive systems, along with NFL pregame preparation throughout the week, make NFL coaches sleep well at night knowing that in a worst-case scenario their number two QB could be relied on an to make plays.

Obviously, some of these backups have far more game starts than others. Matt Hasselbeck has played in over 150+ games and has a decent amount of post game experience with the Seattle Seahawks. His arm isn’t what it used to be, but his ability to read defenses, direct receivers, and overall lead a team is a different story.

Due to the fact there is a real lack of starting QB’s in the league entering the 2013 season, and a very subpar-to-weak quarterback class in April’s NFL draft, there is a good chance one of these veteran QB’s may be asked to to start week one. -I can already hear fans of the Bills, Cardinals and Jets moaning in agony. Clearly, the idea of finding the next Russell Wilson in the third round is what gives many NFL fans hope, but the reality is, none of the rookie quarterbacks look ready to start right away. And while some coach out there will probably have to force a rookie into the starting line-up… he probably shouldn’t.

As the NFL Draft inches closer and closer, I strongly believe fans of teams lacking QB talent should get on board with a temporary veteran starter. Last year’s crop of magical rookie quarterbacks was an anomaly, the concept of a repeat is unlikely.


Damn, that was fast: The Indianapolis Colts have agreed to terms with QB Matt Hasselbeck, formerly of the Titans, on a two-year contract. The deal comes only hours after he was released.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has replaced Hasselbeck in Tennessee, agreeing on a two-year contract.

Meanwhile in New York, the Jets still have Tebow under contract?

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