Top 15 Power Rankings

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Published: October 20, 2009

Gridiron Experts Top 15 Power Rankings


1] New Orleans Saints (5-0): Despite playing one less game, the Saints have beaten some good teams including the Giants, Eagles, and Jets. Drew Brees has faced some great defenses early on and has broken them all. The Saints have had nagging injuries to PT Cruiser but have still been able to rack up points at will.


2] Denver Broncos (6-0): Defense is tested and true. The Broncos are not flashy, they just play hard football on both sides of the ball in a very old school “Patriots style” way. The real test is coming with games against the Ravens and Steelers, but for now we have them at 2.


3] Indianapolis Colts (5-0): The Colts haven’t had the toughest schedule thus far, but you can’t keep a 5-0 team out of the top of a rankings list. We think the winning should continue for at least the next month, and are dying to see the Patriots/Colts battle in week 10.


4] Minnesota Vikings (6-0): 2 lucky wins, but they’re still wins. The ball needs to be handed off more if Favre wants to make it a full season, but the way the defense is playing these days it really doesn’t matter what they do on offense.


5] New York Giants (5-1): The Saints game didn’t go down the way people had thought. Experts figured it would be a back and forth battle, but little Drew Brees knee-capped the G-Men. Expect the Giants to regroup and get back to basics with the power running game.


6] New England Patriots (4-2): Yeah, I don’t know…they only won by 59 points last game…that’s pretty good, I guess.  Tom Brady is getting better with every snap, and the defense is finding their rhythm and should continue to play hard. Old man Galloway has been cut, expect to see more up and coming receiving  talent make catches alongside Moss & Welker


7] Atlanta Falcons (4-1): The Falcons came out flat against New England in week 3 but aside from that they look amazing. Gridiron Experts might be taking them over the Cowboys this weekend….check back.

PHI1008] Philadelphia Eagles (3-2): WTF? The Eagles this high? Even after losing to the Raiders? Last year the Birds were burned against the Ravens and then tied the Bengals, then what happened? McNabb and the Eagles went on a hot streak that lead them deep into the playoffs. Gridiron Experts is going to to make the call now: the loss to the Raiders will make this team better. It’s like as if Andy Reid added hot sauce to his cheese steak.


9] Arizona Cardinals (3-2): The Cardinals started 1-2 but have been on fire since their bye week.

PIT10010] Pittsburgh Steelers (4-2) The defense hasn’t looked that great to start the season, but with Troy Polamalu’s return and the discovering of Mendenhall in the backfield the Steelers should get back to their winning ways. Gridiron Experts might be picking them this week against the mighty Vikings…check back.

11] Cincinnati Bengals (4-2),

12] Green Bay Packers (3-2)

13] Chicago Bears (3-2)

14] Baltimore Ravens (3-3)

15] San Francisco 49ers (3-2)

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