Top 10 Tuesday: Best Romo Contract Tweets

Dallas Cowboy CheerleaderTop 10 Tuesday: Tony Romo Contract Tweets and Easter Recap Treats

Tony Romo’s new deal with the Dallas Cowboys is worth $108 million and includes $55 million in guaranteed money.

Philadelphia Eagle fans have been proudly wearing a devilish grin the last few days. The Boo-birds most hated division rival re-signed Tony Romo to a monster -questionably undeserved- contract extension over the weekend. While much of the football nation have voiced their opinions about what an outrageously stupid move this was, Donovan McNabb took it to another level…what else is new. McNabb has always had a taste for the spotlight, but this time his voice, or tweet for that matter, was such a sneaky jab that even the biggest Eagles McNabb-haters chuckled with approval.

The real shocker was the details of guaranteed money, Romo’s $55 million ranks him fourth behind Drew Brees ($60.5 million),  Peyton Manning ($60 million) and Tom Brady ($57 million), but ahead of the $52 million that Joe Flacco received from the Baltimore Ravens.

Was McNabb’s comment out of line? Does Romo deserve this kind of deal? Regardless, check out not only McNabb’s tweet and video rebuttal along with the 10 funniest Tony Romo contract tweets:



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