Tim Tebow’s Football Future

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Published: January 18, 2013

New York Jets Introduce Tim Tebow

A season ago Tim Tebow was at the helm of a Denver Broncos team and a couple of wins away from the Super Bowl. But after a frustrating season with the New York Jets, Tim Tebow faces a very uncertain future in the world of the NFL. Tebow spent all year backing up one of the statistically-worst quarterbacks in the NFL. After the Jets finally decided they had seen enough of Mark Sanchez, they turned to third-string former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy. When questioned about his future, the devout christian has only publicly said “I don’t know what my future holds but I know who holds my future.”

There are only three possibilities in my mind for Tim Tebow next season. First it is possible that Tebow could not go anywhere. By that I mean Tebow could step out of the realm of the NFL and pursue better things including mission work and charity work. This is probably the most unlikely situation but has to be considered at this point.

The next and more likely scenario is that Tim Tebow ends up playing for the Canadian Football League. The CFL would offer Tebow a real chance at quarterback. Many NFL scouts and prominent NFL figures have the impression it might be better for Tebow to attempt to change positions. But Tebow insists that he is a quarterback and still wants a chance to prove it in the NFL. While he may not get that chance this year depending on what the New York Jets decide to do with him, the CFL could provide Tim the very chance he needs.

The final scenario would involve Tim Tebow returning to the NFL next year. This seems just as likely as the CFL but the biggest problem is finding a team. Tebow could end up on a number of squads that are in need of a quarterback but his hometown Jacksonville Jaguars have already made it clear that it would be very unlikely for Tebow to be in Jacksonville next year.

My Prediciton:

The biggest problem with Tim Tebow is that he is an unconventional player and not a standard pocket-passing quarterback. That being said he also has a problem with practices. He’s not good at them. Believe it or not he actually practices very poorly and plays very well. The best solution for Tebow if he is dead-set on playing quarterback is to go to the CFL.

The Montreal Allouettes currently have his CFL rights and their starting quarterback Anthony Calvillo, 40, decided he would return for one more season. If Tebow went to the CFL he would probably have to learn from Calvillo for a year then he would get his chance. If he did go to the CFL this should not be viewed as a failure. There are a number of players that many didn’t think would make it in the NFL that took their skills to the CFL or AFL and came back to the NFL and had more success. These players include names like Doug Flutie, Warren Moon, and Kurt Warner.

Tebow doesn’t seem willing to give up his dream of being an NFL starting quarterback and there doesn’t seem to be any NFL team willing to make the financial investment that it would take to tailor a team to fit Tebow’s needs. At some point something has got to give and the CFL is becoming more of a reality for Tim’s future everyday.

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