Super Bowl Party Poker Game

Hosting a Super Bowl Party? Want to play a game with your friends for the event? Check out Gridiron Experts Super Bowl Party Game that is fun for all!

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Body Painted NFL Girls

Super Bowl Body Painted Babes

L1quid Studios has set the bar extremely high for NFL body painting. These amazing photos of air brushed Super Bowl babes might just be the hottest thing to date.

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NFL Super Bowl XLVII

Super Bowl’s 15 Best Player Bets

The Super Bowl is the one time of year that being a degenerate gambler is actually accepted by modern society. Gridiron Experts is a fantasy football site first and foremost, but we do love the occasional Prop Bet.

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MIA middle finger

Madonna Upstaged by MIA’s Finger

For the most part, Madonna delivered an entertaining Super Bowl half time performance that started strong and looked to easily beat out last year’s performer the Black Eyed Peas. Reaching into a bag of resources to not completely bore us Madonna was smart to bring out guests…

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Super Bowl Preview

Super Bowl XLVII Sunday, February 5th 6:30 PM EST from Indianapolis (NBC)   (12-7) vs. (15-3) Vegas line: New England -3 (ML -135) o/u 55   Perhaps the greatest day of the year is finally upon us: Super Bowl Sunday! The final game of another amazing NFL season where we will crown a new champion…

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Super Bowl Picks

Super Bowl Picks

The ruined Patriots perfect season has left a bitter taste in the mouths of the New England faithful. Eli Manning led the winning drive and was well deserving of the MVP award as the super underdogs beat the perfect Pat’s in a thrilling 17-14 victory back in 2008.

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Volkswagon Super Bowl

Volkswagen Super Bowl Ad Teaser: The Bark Side

Do you remember any of last years Super Bowl commercials? Probably not. But if you think hard enough one memorial commercial on Super Sunday may pop into your head. It was the one of a little kid dressed up like Darth Vader….

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NFL Playoff Rundown: Who Win’s It All, and Why?

It’s time to break down the NFL playoff teams and discuss what will be their route toward victory or what will ultimately be their downfall. Some might seem obvious, others maybe not so much, but here is NFL Playoff Rundown to each team that could make a run toward the Lombardi trophy.

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Super Bowl Recap

Super Bowl XLV was a down to the wire exciting finish to yet another NFL season. Both teams had early jitters, yet the final score didn’t show it. Jordy Nelson was a go-to target for Rodgers who had 9 recessions for 140 yards and a touchdown. Nelson had his fair share of drops, but followed…

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Gridiron Experts Super Bowl Picks

Are you waiting on Mike Rodriguez’s Super Bowl pick? -I know I am. This season has been tough and I’ll admit my radar is off, but despite Chris Gable and Ben Hoyt’s excellent regular season records

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Hot Tub Time Machine: Super Bowl XXXII

Hot Tub Time Machine: Super Bowl XXXII As a writer for Gridiron Experts I’m constantly trying to predict the future. Whether it’s picking games on Sunday or digging for fantasy football gems, it’s all about the day after tomorrow. On Saturday night, the NFL Network let me take a break from the psychic friends hot-line,…

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