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Seattle Seahawks Cheerleader Gallery

Seattle Seahawks Cheerleaders

The West Coast is buzzing, and it’s not from the Espresso Frappuccino’s at Startbucks. The Seattle Seahawks are hosting the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football. The Hawks will try to build on their impressive 17-8 (.680) MNF record. Seattle happens to have the best MNF winning percentages in the NFL. Marshawn Lynch has rushed for 6 straight 100 yard games on home turf and “Beast Mode” looks to be in full effect against a Packers squad that is struggling against the run. The Seahawks have won 5 straight MNF games, 3 of them being shutouts.

Seattle will have their Sea Gals cheering them on, getting the 12th man loud and distracting to disrupt rhythm for Aaron Rodgers and company. The Sea Gals have new uniforms this year, and should turn many heads Monday night. Fans looking to pick up a Calendar of these beautiful ladies can buy one here

Sea Gal(lery)

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