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Established in 2008

Gridiron Experts is a fantasy football advisory site that helps you win your fantasy league. Our team is made up of hardcore analysts that have been playing fantasy football for decades. With years worth of experience our staff loves to offer advice, tips and strategy to help you win.

Gridiron Experts uses an equal balance of statistical data and gut feelings for ranking fantasy players throughout the year. We understand that the game of football is fought in the trenches and that stats are made to be broken. At the same time we look at trends and patterns and breakdown film to make the best possible prediction week in and week out. We are thankful to have such an awesome, loyal fanbase.

Jody SmithJody Smith

Head Fantasy Writer/ Analyst

Jody Smith is a member of the FSWA (Fantasy Sports Writers Association) and a 23 year fantasy football veteran who turned to the world of fake football when his own career as a light-blocking, sure-handed tight end was tragically ended by the notoriously unfriendly Memorial Stadium artificial turf. Jody fondly remembers the days of accumulating fantasy results with a Monday morning newspaper, a spiral notebook and a pencil.  Over the years he’s won numerous accolades and championships, including being named the “Most Accurate Fantasy Football Expert” for 2012 in the highly-respected rankings contest from FantasyPros.com.

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His work has appeared on numerous websites, including NFL.com, and has even been featured as far away as the Times of India’s world sports section. Jody is now featured here at Gridironexperts.com where he specializes in digging deep for sleepers and working behind the scenes to assist and edit many of the fine features that our readers enjoy. He’s a fierce supporter of the University of Texas and he, his wife and three year old son live in a quiet community halfway between Houston and Galveston Texas. Jody is very active on twitter, often running the Gridiron Experts feed as well as his own personal profile @JodySmith_



Mike Rigz

Mike Rigz

Owner/ Head Writer/ Analyst

Mike is the founding member at Gridiron Experts with over 1000 articles credited to his name. He was published in CBS sports 2010 Summer preview mag. More recently Mike was ranked 2nd and 5th at FantasyPros during critical fantasy playoff weeks 14 & 15 last year. With over 20 years of fantasy experience, Mike has a very unique style when picking sleepers and gems. He has always had a outside the box look on the NFL and rarely gets sucked into the hype over players or buzzing offenses. Mike has recently became a new dad and can’t wait to take his son to a game or throw the ball around in the backyard.

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Mike lives on the West Coast and is happily married to a Texans’ fan. A beautiful wife who loves sports is an amazing find. Sundays are spent with friends and family watching games from opening kickoff to well into the evenings.

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  • Favorite Team(s) Philadelphia Eagles & Oregon Ducks


Darren Collette Darren Collette

Editor/Head Writer

Darren is from Miami and works as a freelance writer, mostly covering high school football. He was spoiled at his own high school which had a pretty good RB named Frank Gore. He claims that in his five years of covering high school football he has not seen a RB nearly as good as Gore, who he once saw rush for 419 yards in a single game.

[toggle title=”More about Darren”]Darren got into fantasy football around 2007 and likes to brag that he has won league championships almost half the time he plays (really only 13 of 36 times). He is also accomplished at the game Roller Coaster Tycoon and won a “player of the decade” award and know to be a pretty dangerous poker player. Darren, a lifelong resident of Miami, is a Dolphins fan by default. He is an actual fan of the 49ers, FIU Golden Panthers, Miami Hurricanes and Miami Heat.

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  • Favorite Team(s): Miami Dolphins/San Francisco 49ers



Bob Talbot Bob Talbot

Head Writer/ Analyst

Bob Talbot is a Quinnipiac grad, an avid sports fan and fantasy football enthusiast. He currently resides in the professional sport-less state of Connecticut, but will never forget his roots in the great state of New Jersey. Bob issues audit opinions by day and issues fantasy opinions and advice by night.

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When he’s not auditing you can probably find Bob at a game, the bar, the beach, or of course, hanging out with his best friend Hank Mardukas.


Zhan Mourning Zhan Mourning

Head Writer/ Guru

After graduating with a degree in Oriental Medicine, Zhan Mourning spent several years in pursuit of his goal of acquiring a tattoo on all seven continents. While studying at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, he attended a Motley Crue concert during the ”Route of All Evil Tour”.

[toggle title=”More about Zhan”]Noticing his menacing scowl and imposing physique, he was offered a job as a body guard and finished the tour with the band. It is there that Zhan was introduced to fantasy football by bassist Nikki Sixx. Zhan was dismissed from the band when feelings were hurt that the rookie’s seemingly insatiable appetite for advanced statistics gave him the edge and he won the championship in his debut, narrowly defeating Mick Mars in the final. Today Zhan is a fiercely loyal Buffalo Bills fan that specializes in Dynasty research and doubles as the GridironExperts “enforcer”.


Zach Greubel WriterZach Greubel

Head Writer/ Guru

Zach hails from the bustling metropolis of Cheyenne, Wyoming- two hours north of Denver, Colorado. This geographic location, and sound parental advice, caused Zach to become a Broncos fan shortly after birth. He’s been yelling at the TV during Broncos games ever since, especially during the 2012 Denver-Baltimore playoff game.

[toggle title=”More about Zach”]Zach also cheers for the Colorado Rockies, Denver Nuggets, and Wyoming Cowboys. His fantasy football career began at a relatively young age but didn’t really take off until the turn of the decade. Aside from playing fantasy sports and watching sports, Zach also enjoys eating, sleeping, and merry-making.


Jason WillanJason Willan

Head Writer/ Guru

Jason Willan is the Fantasy Consultant, a self-described fantasy degenerate that has been participating in fantasy sports leagues since the spiral notebook scoring era. He has developed a successful career as a consultant in commodity markets, and applies many of the analytical and strategic skills from that trade to his work in fantasy sports.

[toggle title=”More about Jason Willan”]Jason enjoys all things fantasy, from football, baseball, and basketball to desert islands inhabited by Ricardo Montalban and mid-90′s pop songs featuring Ol’ Dirty Bastard. A lifelong resident of Kentucky, he also considers himself somewhat of an expert on bourbon and horse racing. Jason’s passion for fantasy football is equaled only by his love for family and the Green Bay Packers. When he’s not analyzing NFL statistics or writing about fantasy football, Jason is likely trying to brainwash his two young daughters with tales of frozen tundra and cheeseheads.


Heath CappsHeath Capps

Writer/ Guru

Heath lives in the Asheville, NC area with his wife and twin daughters. An avid sports fan, Heath grew up playing baseball, soccer, and tennis. Heath earned 2 degrees from the University of Mississippi and still misses the town of Oxford to this day. As an Ole Miss Rebel, he chose to root for the New York Giants, but as a transplant to NC he also pulls for Cam and company.

Trace LansonTrace Lanson

Head Writer/ Guru

Trace Lanson, a native Floridian, is a Business Management major at Northwood University. He is currently a basketball player, learning from the hall of fame coach, Rollie Massimino. His earliest memories of fantasy sports bring him back to his Madden purchases as a youngster. Trace recalls fantasy drafting and simulating the seasons, rather than enjoying traditional gameplay.

Matt HarmonMatt Harmon

Writer/ Guru
Matt is an NFL writer and analyst. He is an avid tape watcher and enjoys breaking down film to spot the little things that go unnoticed. Firm believe that football isn’t that complicated, but it’s not quite so simple either. Much better at helping you win your fantasy leagues, than his own. A lover of all things music, sociology, and television shows, and enjoys talking about those in addition to football. Other places Matt writes: www.thebackyardbanter.com

Shae Cronin Shae Cronin

Writer/ Guru

Shae hails from Maryland, graduated from Towson University, serves as a Redskins correspondent at Bleacher Report, leads his own circus at Bet Big DC, yells at the television from the couch, is a devout food enthusiast, takes pride in fantasy sports bargain shopping, is a sucker for the arts and is brimming with useless pop culture knowledge. When he’s not drudging away behind his outdated laptop, Shae enjoys eating, traveling and rooting for teams that usually don’t win.

AJ RutledgeAJ Rutledge

Writer/ Guru

AJ Rutledge was born and bred in the Buckeye state. AJ spent two years at The University of Akron majoring in Sports communication. A die hard Denver Broncos fan who lives forty minutes down the road from Cleveland. He enjoys Cleveland sports regardless of countless heartbreaks. AJ is co-owner of Fivewidespread.com and now writer for Gridiron Experts. He loves all things sports especially football. Hope you enjoy reading his writing as much as he did writing them.

Heather FlatgardHeather Flatgard

Writer/ Guru
Heather Flatgard was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. Heather graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. She is set to start Chiropractic school this fall and will be specializing in sports injury. She looks forward to opening up her own practice and becoming the first ever-female chiropractor for the NFL. She loves all sports, but is an avid football fan and diehard Vikings fan. It has been a long painful road bleeding purple, but she believes the Coach Zimmer era will bring the Vikes their first ever Lombardi Trophy.

Sean BerenbaumSean Berenbaum

Writer/ Guru

Sean Berenbaum is a student at The Ohio State University but is originally from Herndon, VA, a suburb of Washington D.C. Sean has never seen a winning season or a playoff game as a serious Rams fan but remains as passionate a Rams fan as there is. Outside of fantasy, Sean’s favorite things are rap music, hip/hop culture and his close crew of friends whom he uses as his fantasy football punching bag. Sean’s favorite athlete of all-time is Steven Jackson.

Preston WickershamPreston Wickersham

Writer/ Guru

Texas Tech graduate, he has also supported the Red Raiders since infancy. Preston is of the belief that his choices of fandom will significantly decrease his lifespan. When not anxiously watching his favorite teams, Preston can be found doing mock drafts far too early, watching the world’s worst horror movies with his girlfriend, and playing his Super Nintendo

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