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Gridiron ExpertsGridiron Experts is a advisory website with fantasy football experts providing content and advice to help you win your fantasy league. Nearly all our fantasy football experts have over 15+ years of experience in drafting and fantasy strategy.

Gridiron Experts uses an equal balance of statistical data and fantasy football rankings throughout the year. We understand that the game of football is fought in the trenches and that stats are made to be broken. At the same time we look at trends and patterns and breakdown film to make the best possible prediction week in and week out. We are thankful to have such an awesome, loyal fanbase.

Gridiron Experts Staff (Including Top Four Contributors at Fantasy Pros)

Jody SmithJody Smith

Senior Writer/ Analyst

Jody Smith is a member of the FSWA (Fantasy Sports Writers Association) and a 25 year fantasy football veteran who turned to the world of fake football when his own career as a light-blocking, sure-handed tight end was tragically ended by the notoriously unfriendly Memorial Stadium artificial turf. Jody fondly remembers the days of accumulating fantasy results with a Monday morning newspaper, a spiral notebook and a pencil.

Over the years he’s won numerous accolades and championships, including being named the “Most Accurate Fantasy Football Expert” for 2012 in the highly-respected rankings contest from FantasyPros.com. He’s a fierce supporter of the University of Texas and he, his wife and three year old son live in a quiet community halfway between Houston and Galveston Texas.

Fantasy Pros Achievements

#1 In-season OVERALL accuracy FantasyPros (2012)
#1 In-season TE rankings FantasyPros (2012)
#1 Draft PK rankings FantasyPros (2013)
#1 overall accuracy Week 6 FantasyPros (2012)
#4 of 110 for In-season DST FantasyPros (2014)
#4 of 87 In-season WR FantasyPros (2012)
#4 of 92 Draft WR FantasyPros (2012)
#5 of 124 In-season QB FantasyPros (2013)
#5 overall accuracy Week 10 FantasyPros (2015)
#6 overall expert FantasyPros (2012-2015)
Nominated FSWA Article of the Year (2013)
Member of the FSWA

Jason WillanJason Willan

Head Writer

Jason Willan is the Fantasy Consultant, a self-described fantasy degenerate that has been participating in fantasy sports leagues since the spiral notebook scoring era. He has developed a successful career as a consultant in commodity markets, and applies many of the analytical and strategic skills from that trade to his work in fantasy sports. lifelong resident of Kentucky, he also considers himself somewhat of an expert on bourbon and horse racing. Jason’s passion for fantasy football is equaled only by his love for family and the Green Bay Packers. When he’s not analyzing NFL statistics or writing about fantasy football, Jason is likely trying to brainwash his two young daughters with tales of frozen tundra and cheeseheads.

Fantasy Pros Achievements

Jason Willan

#3 of 131 Week 11 QB accuracy FantasyPros (2014)
#4 overall accuracy Week 14 FantasyPros (2015)
#5 of 120 for PK Week 1 FantasyPros (2014)
#6 of 128 for Week 11 RB accuracy FantasyPros (2015)

Mike RigzMike Rigz

Editor in Chief 

Mike is the founding member at Gridiron Experts with over 1000+ articles credited to his name. He hosts Gridiron Experts Fantasy Factor podcast and often is the voice of reason when discussing fantasy questions with premium members. With over 20 years of fantasy experience, Mike has a very unique style when picking sleepers and gems. He has always had an outside the box look on the NFL and rarely gets sucked into the hype over players or buzzing offenses.

Mike looks at the game as a whole and doesn’t focus solely on individual stats. Football is not Baseball, and you need to factor in more when researching players to draft. Mike has two kids and is happily married to a beautiful woman who also loves sports. Sundays are spent with friends and family watching games from opening kickoff to well into the evenings.

Fantasy Pros Achievements

#1 In-season DL FantasyPros (2015)
#1 IDP accuracy Week 2 FantasyPros (2015)
#2 Draft DL FantasyPros (2012)
#3 overall accuracy Week 15 FantasyPros (2015)
#4 of 20 Draft IDP FantasyPros (2012)
13th of 122nd for In-season QB FantasyPros (2015)
18th of 124th for In-season WR FantasyPros (2015)
24th overall Most Accurate QB Expert from 2012 to 2015


Zach Greubel WriterZach Greubel

Head Writer

Zach hails from the bustling metropolis of Cheyenne, Wyoming- two hours north of Denver, Colorado. This geographic location, and sound parental advice, caused Zach to become a Broncos fan shortly after birth. He’s been yelling at the TV during Broncos games ever since, especially during the 2012 Denver-Baltimore playoff game.

Zach also cheers for the Colorado Rockies, Denver Nuggets, and Wyoming Cowboys. His fantasy football career began at a relatively young age but didn’t really take off until the turn of the decade. Aside from playing fantasy sports and watching sports, Zach also enjoys eating, sleeping, and merry-making.

Fantasy Pros Achievements

#1 of 132 for overall accuracy Week 4 FantasyPros (2014)
#1 of 98 for overall accuracy Week 11 FantasyPros (2012)
#1 of 91 for Week 17 QB accuracy FantasyPros (2013)
#3 of 91 for RB Week 17 FantasyPros (2013)
#4 of 87 for DST Week 17 FantasyPros (2013)
#4 overall accuracy Week 4 FantasyPros (2015)
#5 of 91 for overall accuracy Week 17 FantasyPros (2013)
#5 of 129 for QB Week 12 FantasyPros (2013)

Jen RyanJen Ryan

Featured Writer

Jen happily calls northern New Jersey home, and despite MTV’s greatest attempt to tarnish her home state, she is a proud Jersey girl. She can’t get enough of MFL10’s, loves her competitive family redraft league, and is thrilled to be a part of Ross Tucker’s Fantasy Feast Eatin’ League for this upcoming season. Jen considers herself a classy deJenerate, and can’t wait for DFS football to begin. The Draft Kings and Fan Duel commercials told her that she could be a millionaire and, considering she is gullible and loves to gamble, she is so excited to chase that million in 2015. Television accounting pays her bills but crunching fantasy numbers, analyzing them, and writing about them is where her heart is. Jen is also one of the craziest Cowboy fans you will ever meet and will go to her grave swearing that it was a catch.

Bob TalbotBob Talbot

Head Writer

Bob Talbot is a Quinnipiac grad, an avid sports fan and fantasy football enthusiast. He currently resides in the professional sport-less state of Connecticut, but will never forget his roots in the great state of New Jersey. Bob issues audit opinions by day and issues fantasy opinions and advice by night.

Brian JesterBrian Jester

Featured Writer

Brian has been playing fantasy football for 16 years and commissioned his first fantasy league at age 12. When he’s not writing about sports, you can find him playing every daily fantasy sport and participating in high stakes fantasy football contests. Brian won more than 1,000 NFL contests on FanDuel last season and has won multiple league championships in the Footballguys Player Championship contest. A graduate of the University of Maryland, Brian usually spends his winters agonizing over Terrapins basketball.

When the weather is warmer, Brian is known for his receiving prowess in flag football leagues on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

John RaleighJohn Raleigh

Featured Writer

Jack’s undying love for football dates back to his earliest days: bravely sporting Green Bay Packers attire in his hometown of Minneapolis, MN, while playing football every day after – and drawing plays on his notebooks during – school. After five years as a U.S. Naval officer, Jack has become a nuclear engineer for the Department of Energy by day and an aspiring football mind by night. Jack’s interests include fantasy football (both standard and daily leagues), weekly NFL point spreads, and the NFL draft. A steady advocate of data-driven predictions, Jack leverages his technical background to compile and analyze large football data sets, highlighted by an Excel spreadsheet of every single NFL draft pick since 1965. Jack can also be found drawing coverage away from fellow author Brian Jester in flag football leagues on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

Austin GayleAustin Gayle

Featured Writer

Austin Gayle is currently pursuing both his Liberal Studies and Journalism degree at San Diego State University. He began his writing career as the lead editor/writer for the website he created thedraftpulse.com. He is an Oakland, California native who has a strong passion for football at both the collegiate and professional level. He has been studying the NFL draft for over four years now and has started publishing his analysis of college level prospects since the year 2014.

He is now a featured writer for theunitedgrind.com, an NFL draft columnist for football.com, and a featured writer for justblogbaby.com. He is also a member of the Football Writers of America Association. Due to his Bay Area roots, Austin is an avid fan of the Oakland Raiders.

Neil DuttonNeil Dutton

Featured Writer

Neil’s been playing fantasy football for ten years, including a victory in 2014 in a league arranged by NFL.com Fantasy expert Adam Rank. Huge Philadelphia Eagles fan, and follows the fortunes of the England cricket team, usually with his head in his hands for both.

Neil lives with his fiancé Kate and their daughter Zoe. He is an atrocious Words with Friends player.

Preston WickershamPreston Wickersham

Head Writer

Texas Tech graduate, he has also supported the Red Raiders since infancy. Preston is of the belief that his choices of fandom will significantly decrease his lifespan. When not anxiously watching his favorite teams, Preston can be found doing mock drafts far too early, watching the world’s worst horror movies with his girlfriend, and playing his Super Nintendo


Shae Cronin Shae Cronin

Head Writer

Shae hails from Maryland, graduated from Towson University, leads his own circus at Bet Big DC, yells at the television from the couch, is a devout food enthusiast, takes pride in fantasy sports bargain shopping, is a sucker for the arts and is brimming with useless pop culture knowledge. When he’s not drudging away behind his outdated laptop, Shae enjoys eating, traveling and rooting for teams that usually don’t win.

George FitopoulosGeorge Fitopoulos

Freelance Writer

George is a 2010 graduate of Northeastern University with a degree in Journalism, but instead of walking at his graduation, he walked down the aisle at his wedding. George has been playing fantasy baseball since he was a kid, filling out every Sporting News salary league card, but never sending one in due to his lack of a checking account. He still remembers the time he spot-started Storm Johnson and got a rushing TD out of it. Never forget.