Nike and Reebok Fighting over Tebow Jersey’s

Jets Tebow JerseyMust be nice. It’s not too often you hear of two monster companies like Reebok and Nike fighting over one person, yet when it comes to Tim Tebow, nothing surprises me

If Tim Tebow had a energy drink, people would drink it.

If Tim Tebow had a Christian rock album, people would buy it.

So of course if one of the all time greatest selling jersey quarterbacks was traded to play in New York City, jerseys would be a hot commodity.

Nike is taking legal action against Reebok over Tebow New York Jets jersey’s. As of March 1, 2012, the group licensing agreement between Reebok and the NFLPA expired. Since Tebow’s own personal apparel deal was negotiated with Nike in 2010, Nike claims that Reebok had no right to use Tebow’s name when manufacturing and selling Jets T-shirts and jerseys last week.

It seems like a very open and shut case if you ask me, but seeing how everything Tebow related is big news these days, I would love to see this to go to the supreme court, that or be fought over on the set of Jersey Shore.

Reebok is definitely a brand that has taken some hits lately. Without the NFL merchandise as their safety net, who know’s if they can compete in a brutal apparel business.

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