NFL Rumors, Manning-Fest, and Bounty Forms

Colts Cheeleaders“We’re Number One?”… at the NFL Draft.

Colts fans are definitely feeling the blues these days. I’m sure a large portion of the Indianapolis would have loved to see Peyton play again, or if anything teach Andrew Luck a thing or two. Manning would have had a great influence on Luck and the brain-child would have have gotten a crash course into the NFL from Manning. Where ever Manning lands, it will be strange to not seem him in the blue and white. From the sounds of things Manning might not be the only Colt to be released this off-season, So…. to that I say chin up Colts fans, you have the first pick in the NFL Draft and you’re rebuilding will feature a new and exciting new NFL talent.

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I imagine this is how the rest of the AFC South feels about Manning leaving?

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