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NFL Fantasy Player Rankings: Week 9

Fantasy Player Rankings Week 9

NFL Fantasy Player Rankings: Week 9

Fantasy Player Rankings Week 9The recent news of Ahmad Bradshaw’s Injury has created an instant sleeper for week 9. Brandon Jacobs, a player who has felt disrespected all year, is going to have the opportunity to prove his true value against a Patriots team fresh off a loss.

Week 9 see’s more of the leagues better half-teams facing off in games against each other. We could be in store for a couple tight, hard fought contests with low score-boards, or fantasy jackpots with offensive drives that rack up massive fantasy points to out big name players.

The Steelers and Ravens game is anyone’s guess, these days its hard to predict how teams from the AFC will perform. Mind you, no one saw a sputtering Saints offense disappoint last weeks fantasy player rankings, so predictions were done in the most modest way possible for week 9. I hope games like the Packers and Chargers turn into a game of Madden between two overly skilled (unemployed) video game professionals. Same goes for Monday Nights match-up between the Eagles and Bears. Although, what are the odds we have a good prime game two weeks in a row? Speaking of odds, the over/under this year must be a bet that Las Vegas sports bookies are losing sleep over. When the Saints come out flat against the Rams, and the Cardinals put up 27 points on the Ravens… you know it’s a strange year.

Never the less, check out this weeks Fantasy Player Rankings For Week 9 

[tab name=’Quarterbacks’]
Rk Fantasy Quarterback Opp.     Prediction Comment
1 Drew Brees TB 300+ yds 3 TDs Bree’s will play well after shocking upset
2 Aaron Rodgers @SD 300+ yds 3 TDs First real test for the Packers in quite some time.
3 Michael Vick Chi 290+ yds 2 TDs Bears always seem to have the Eagles numbers, but Vick should play well at home
4 Tom Brady NYG 270+ yds 2 TDs Brady’s record at home is unbelievable, he will want to bounce back after last week.
5 Tony Romo Sea 270+ yds 2 TDs Romo and his offense will want to prove they had an off week in Philly
6 Eli Manning @NE 260+ yds 2 TDs Super Bowl rematch. Eli should play well against Pat’s secondary
7 Philip Rivers GB 260+ yds 2 TDs Rivers will fire the ball all day, Packers need to be ready
8 Matt Ryan @Ind 220+ yds 2 TDs Matt Ryan has been very streaky, but the Colts are a mess.
9 Matt Cassel Mia 210+ yds 2 TDs Chiefs have momentum, plus new rookie WR Jon Baldwin to throw to
10 Andy Dalton @Ten 210+ yds 2 TDs Dalton quietly puts up these kinds of numbers every week
11 Matt Schaub Cle 275+ yds 1TD Facing one the leagues toughest passing defenses, expect modest numbers
12 Ben Roethlisberger Bal 275+ yds 1TD Divisional grudge match, should be a low scoring defensive game
13 Sam Bradford
@Ari 275+ yds 1TD Check injury report
14 Jay Cutler @Phi 275+ yds 1TD Which Eagles defense are we going to see? Cutler is a risky start
15 Josh Freeman @NO 250+ yds 1TD Freeman needs to play well early as the Saints are going to be starting fast
16 Ryan Fitzpatrick NYJ 250+ yds 1TD Tough divisional match-up. Expect a lot of Fred Jackson
17 Matt Hasselbeck CIN 240+ yds 1TD Bengals have a very tough passing defense.
18 Joe Flacco @Pit 220+ yds 1TD Risky start, explore other options
19 Carson Palmer Den 220+ yds 1TD Risky start, explore other options
20 Mark Sanchez @Buf 200+ yds 1TD Risky start, explore other options
[/tab] [tab name=’Running Backs’]
Rk Fantasy RB Opp. (Total yards) Comment
1 Arian Foster Cle 170+ yds 2 TD Texans will lean heavy on their all purpose RB
2 LeSean McCoy Chi 150+ yds 2 TD McCoy is on the verge of becoming the top Fantasy player for 2012
3 Michael Turner @Ind 140+ yds 2 TD Falcons want to give more touches to their RB’s on the road.
4 Frank Gore @Wsh 140+ yds 2 TD Redskins are a mess, and the 49er’s are going to run all over them
5 Matt Forte @Phi 150+ yds 1 TD Forte is about had it with contract headaches, expect one last great game before things get ugly
6 Fred Jackson NYJ 150+ yds 1 TD Should see a heavy workload on the road against the Jets
7 Ray Rice @Pit 150+ yds 1 TD All purpose yards of course, Rice is an all round back and will make big plays
8 Steven Jackson @Ari 150+ yds 1 TD Rams get the ball to Steven Jackson, and the win…Why get away get from this
9 Beanie Wells StL 150+ yds 1 TD Beanie Wells has been a machine for TDs:20 Interesting NFL Stats
10 DeMarco Murray Sea 140+ yds 1 TD Another big game could push coaches to make him a full time starter
11 LeGarrette Blount @NO 140+ yds 1 TD More carries, more fantasy points, although Saints defense fuming mad and will play tough against the run
12 Brandon Jacobs[sle] @NE 60+ yds 2 TD With Bradshaw hurt Jacobs should get many great goal-line opportunities
13 Jackie Battle Mia 100+ yds 1 TD Chiefs are a team on the rise, even if they were handed a win last week
14 Darren McFadden
Den 100+ yds 1 TD Injury concerns, if he does play it will be limited
15 BenJarvus Green-Ellis NYG 90+ yds 1 TD Gaints rushing defense allows an average 130 yards per game
16 Knowshon Moreno @Oak 70+ yds 1 TD Starter by default, still it’s an opportunity he will not take lightly
17 James Starks @SD 50+ yds 1 TD bound to sneak into the endzone this week.
18 Darren Sproles TB 80+ yds PPR wizard should have 6-8 catches and 80+ total yards
19 Rashard Mendenhall Bal 80+ yds Mendenhall is up against a defense that is glowing after a great Patriots performance, yards will hard to come by.
20 Shonn Greene @Buf 80+ yds Not a fan, Greene is not a reliable fantasy option. I know he has performed better than most had expected this year, but he is a risky start each week
21 Cedric Benson @Ten 80+ yds Benson should be fresh and relieved things are behind him
22 Marshawn Lynch[sle] @Dal 80+ yds Lynch has quick feet and may be able to copy-cat a few of Shady McCoy’successful runs from last week
23 Pierre Thomas TB 70+ yds Should see a fair share of carries, but not the best fantasy match-up
24 Chris Johnson Cin 60+ yds Who would have thought
25 Ryan Torain SF 60+ yds Some say sleeper, others say high risk
26 Mike Tolbert GB 60+ yds
27 Daniel Thomas @KC 60+ yds
28 Reggie Bush @KC 60+ yds
29 Michael Bush Den 45+ yds
30 Peyton Hillis @Hou 45+ yds
[/tab] [tab name=’Wide Receivers’]
Rk Fantasy Receiver Opp.     Prediction Comment
1 Wes Welker NYG 140+ yds 1 TD Welker has been quiet his last 2 games, but that should all change Sunday
2 Greg Jennings @SD 140+ yds 1 TD The Packers actually have a game to get up for, Jennings should be busy
3 Larry Fitzgerald StL 130+ yds 1 TD Rams have the worst passing defense in the league. Odds are Fitz is able to have a couple big plays
4 Mike Wallace Bal 130+ yds 1 TD Boom or Bust, Wallace’s first half of the season saw some easy secondaries, it’s time to prove he can make plays against tougher defenses
5 Hakeem Nicks @NE 130+ yds 1 TD Both defense’s are above average, but nothing special right now, Nicks could have a big day
6 Roddy White @Ind 110+ yds 1 TD If Roddy doesn’t crack 80 yards this week, all hell is going to break lose with fantasy owners
7 A.J. Green @Ten 110+ yds 1 TD Challenging for Rookie of the year, one of the safer starts this week
8 Dwayne Bowe Mia 100+ yds 1TD Dolphins have a surprisingly tough passing defense, but all hope is lost after two heart breaking losses in a row
9 Marques Colston TB 100+ yds 1TD Expect a more focused Saints offense this week
10 Jeremy Maclin Chi 100+ yds 1TD The Eagles finally have a full time reliable number one WR.
11 Vincent Jackson GB 100+ yds 1TD Shoot-out in the making
12 Brandon Lloyd[sle] @Ari 120+ yds Lloyd has played well in his 2 starts for the Rams. Now with Bradford coming back there is even more upside to this fantasy sleeper
13 Miles Austin Sea 60+ yds 1TD Dallas Offense will be out to prove the just had an off-week
14 Dez Bryant Sea 110+ yds Hopefully Bryant doesn’t get lost in the sencond half
15 Brandon Marshall @KC 60+ yds 1TD Marshall has been so close to scoring the last 3 weeks, he is due
16 Julio Jones @Ind 95+ yds Plays well on the road
17 DeSean Jackson Chi 90+ yds Mike Vick has only 4 passing plays this season of over 40+ yards: 20 Interesting NFL Stats Thus Far
18 Anquan Boldin @Pit 90+ yds Perductive on a offense that sputters from time to time
19 Pierre Garcon Atl 85+ yds Is some how making plays for a dis-functional offense and team
20 Victor Cruz @NE 85+ yds Looks to be fighting for attention with Manningham. Risky
21 Mario Manningham @NE 85+ yds Looks to be fighting for attention with Cruz. Risky
22 Jordy Nelson @SD 25+ yds 1TD Either 100+ yds with 2 catches or one nice redzone TD, Jordy should do something
23 Sidney Rice @Dal 80+ yds Seattle’s offense is so much better with Tarvais throwing the ball, but even with being said, the team ranks at the bottom of the league in Passing
24 Santonio Holmes @Buf 70+ yds The Jets offense could light up the score board or ruin fantasy weeks, I’m playing it safe and predicting 70+ yards for Holmes
25 D.Heyward-Bey [sle] Den 70+ yds  Heyward-Bey could break out this weekend, may be worth the start
26 Steve Johnson NYJ 60+ yds Lowered expectations
27 Michael Crabtree[sle] @Wsh 60+ yds  Cross country trip for the 49er’s may having them starting slow but Crabtree could break out in a big way this week
28 Eric Decker @Oak 60+ yds Not a bad fantasy option in a bind
29 Lance Moore [sle] TB 50+ yds  If Moore can find the end zone, he’ll make your week
30 Mike Williams @NO 50+ yds
31 Deion Branch NYG 50+ yds
32 Nate Washington Cin 50+ yds
33 Reggie Wayne Atl 50+ yds
34 Plaxico Burress @Buf 50+ yds
35 Antonio Brown Bal 40+ yds
36 Malcom Floyd GB 40+ yds
37 Kevin Walter Cle 40+ yds
38 Greg Little @Hou 40+ yds
39 James Jones @SD 40+ yds
40 Jabar Gaffney SF 40+ yds
40 Andre Johnson Cle
Injury Status up in the air
[/tab] [tab name=’Tight Ends’]
Rk Fantasy Receiver Opp.     Prediction Comment
1 Jimmy Graham TB 95+ yds 1 TD Graham is one of the best fantasy draft picks of 2011
2 Antonio Gates GB 120+ yds Gates will be leaned on early and often. 120+ yards with the chance to find the end zone
3 Rob Gronkowski NYG 60+ yds 1 TD Brady should get back to looking Gronkowski way this weekend
4 Jason Witten Sea 50+ yds 1 TD Cowboys offense will be pressing to get back on track
5 Owen Daniels Cle 50+ yds 1 TD No official word yet on Andre, so Daniels will be heading into this weekend with the best fantasy target for the Texans after Foster
6 Fred Davis SF 75+ yds Great target and has a great average better game: 20 Interesting NFL Stats
7 Dustin Keller @Buf 70+ yds Should see a lot of targets
8 Heath Miller Bal 70+ yds Should see a lot of targets
9 Jermichael Finley @SD 70+ yds Fantasy Value has fallen off this season
10 Aaron Hernandez NYG 60+ yds Always a threat to score, but streaky
11 Vernon Davis[sle] @Wsh 60+ yds Should see a lot of targets, could have a big Sunday
12 Tony Gonzalez @Ind
13 Kellen Winslow @NO
14 Dallas Clark Atl
15 Jake Ballard @NE
[/tab] [end_tabset]



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