2012 NFL MVP Odds: Tim Tebow is 100 to 1

2012 NFL MVP Odds
Aaron Rodgers 11 to 2
Tom Brady 13 to 2
Drew Brees  9 to 1
Michael Vick  10 to 1
Peyton Maninng  10 to 1
Matthew Stafford  12 to 1
Arian Foster  15 to 1
Calvin Johnson  15 to 1
Ben Roethlisberger  18 to 1
Eli Manning  18 to 1
Cam Newton  22 to 1
Matt Ryan  22 to 1
Tony Romo  22 to 1
Alex Smith 25 to 1
Chris Johnson  25 to 1
LeSean McCoy  25 to 1
Ray Rice  25 to 1
Jay Cutler  30 to 1
Jimmy Graham  35 to 1
Matt Forte  40 to 1
Rob Gronkowski  40 to 1
Andre Johnson  50 to 1
Andrew Luck  50 to 1
Andy Dalton  50 to 1
Jared Allen  50 to 1
Robert Griffin III  50 to 1
Wes Welker  50 to 1
Larry Fitzgerald  75 to 1
Tim Tebow  100 to 1

Suckers Bet: Praying On Tebow Fans

For the past five seasons, the NFL MVP award has been given to a quarterback. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have each won the award twice with Aaron Rodgers winning it in 2011. Running backs like LaDainian Tomlinson have won the award after impressive record-breaking seasons, yet the MVP is predominantly a quarterback driven trophy.

Being even an MVP candidate this early in the year usually means you’re among the NFL elite. Yet online sports betting websites are clearly praying on favoritism with their list of NFL future odds, none more than Tim Tebow at 100 to 1.

I’m not sure even the Tebow-crazed fan base are willing to throw money away at the impossible. These odds are available on many sports betting websites, although I strongly suggest you check something like Fanduel out instead. The idea of a Jets backup QB (who’s favorite target is the ground) winning the NFL MVP is downright laughable. I’m not sure I’d even place a one dollar bet if the odds were 1000 to 1.

If I were to place a bet, it would be hard for me to steer away from any of the top three on this list. It’s not that I don’t like longshot odds, I did have money on the first score of last year’s Super Bowl to be a safety (100 to 1), but it just seems that this award is always given to the most elite quarterback. I pick Rodgers. –How unoriginal

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