Money Where Your Mouth Is: Week 14

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Published: December 8, 2012

Money Where Your Mouth Is

After a 2-1 finish last week for our “Money Where Your Mouth Is” picks, my total season record for this write up stands at 20-5. All of our writers this year are doing a great job with their weekly picks. Jonathan is still leading our straight up picks with an unheard of 138-56. While I am still leading our ATS picks with a 102-87.

Chicago at -2.5

The Bears have burned me ATS a couple of times this year including last week, but this week they faceoff against a Minnesota Vikings team that is on the fast track to no where. A fading defense, the loss of Percy Harvin, and poor quarterback play from Christian Ponder all have plagued the Vikings this season. Since the loss of Harvin, the Vikings (in their last 3 games) have averaged only 166 receiving yards a game. While the Bears have similar numbers in the passing game they have a healthy big play wide receiver in Brandon Marshall. Chicago needs to get a win after losing in overtime to Seattle last week.

In their last four games the Bears have only won once, so they realize how important this game is in their efforts to make the playoffs. The Bears will have a more balanced offensive attack.

Indianapolis at -5.5

Another game for the Colts and another Andrew Luck led victory. This time they pulled the big upset against a Detroit Lions team that had the game in hand late. The Lions gave up two touchdowns in the end of the 4th quarter to lose a heart breaker

Luck seems to be an inspiring young leader and his head coach Chuck Pagano has given them something to play for with his battle with cancer. The team has shaved their heads and are in full support of Chuck and in this process have become closer as a team.

Going forward the Colts have to face the Texans twice in week 15 and 17 and the Chiefs in week 16. But this week Andrew Luck leads his team against a 4-8 Tennessee Titan team that has lost 4 of it’s last 5 games. The first meeting this year of these two teams came down to overtime where a touchdown run by Vick Ballard sealed the game, but look for this one to be a little more lopsided in favor of the Colts.

Atlanta at -3.5

After a grueling week 13 Thursday night showdown with the New Orleans Saints, the Falcons are rested and ready to make the playoff push. In week 4 these two teams faced off and the Panthers had the win locked up. All they had to do was get 1 yard on a 4th down and they could’ve taken a knee and run the clock out. Instead they choose to punt it. Their rookie punter Brad Nortman is one of the worst in the league this year in punting average. Not only did the Panthers punt away a win against the Falcons but they did it against the Bucs as well. With these horrible play calls, on top of the fact that the Falcons are significantly better in every major stat column except rushing yards, I would say the Falcons should have no problem sweeping the Panthers this year.

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