Matt Cassel is Optimistic, Despite The Hot Seat

Matt Cassel

Matt CasselUsually, when a team fires a coach mid-season, their star running back is coming off an ACL tear, and a play-maker on defense is lost to free agency, people expect a rebuilding year. Yet Matt Cassel, the Chiefs “franchise” quarterback (I use the term loosely) is very optimistic.

“With every season, there’s a lot of changes,” Cassel told the Springfield News-Leader. “But I feel like as long as we go out there and execute and play good football my expectations are very high for this team.”

Romeo Crennel inherits a team with 15 returning starters (7 on offense and 8 on defense). The team lost their workhorse corner Brandon Carr to the Cowboys and will be introducing a new offense yet again. Brian Daboll, previously of the Miami Dolphins,will be the teams 4th offensive coordinator in 4 years. This is Daboll’s 4th team as a coordinator in 6 years, after being the New England Patriots long time wide receiver coach.

Matt Cassel‘s best season was in 2010, where he had an impressive 27 touchdowns to 7 INT’s and lead the team to the playoffs with a 10 win season. With the team aggressively trying to sign Peyton Manning throughout the off-season, Cassel knows he’s in the hot seat.

“I feel great, I’m ready to roll,” Cassel said “I feel like our team will come out stronger. We suffered through a lot of injuries last year to some key people but they should be coming back stronger and the coaches are very optimistic.”

Matt Cassel is saying all the right things, as he should. Yet the 63 million dollar contract that he signed in March of 2009 is starting to raise some eyebrows. Running back Jamaal Charles, safety Eric Berry, and tight end Tony Moeaki all were injured throughout most of the 2011 season. There was also last years 1st round pick Jonathan Baldwin who struggled to make plays along with an offensive line that seemed out of sync. Cassel will get a pass on last years disastrous season, yet this is very much a make or break season for him moving forward.

Matt Cassel‘s Career Stats

 Season Team G QBRat Comp Att Yds Y/G TD Int Sack Fum FumL
 2005-06 New England 2 89.4 13 24 183 91.5 2 1 1 2 0
 2006-07 New England 6 70.8 5 8 32 5.3 0 0 3 1 1
 2007-08 New England 6 32.7 4 7 38 6.3 0 1 0 1 0
 2008-09 New England 16 89.4 327 516 3693 230.8 21 11 47 7 4
 2009-10 Kansas City 15 69.9 271 493 2924 194.9 16 16 42 14 3
 2010-11 Kansas City 15 93 262 450 3116 207.7 27 7 26 3 1
 2011-12 Kansas City 9 76.6 160 269 1713 190.3 10 9 22 5 2
 Career 69 82.5 1042 1767 11699 169.6 76 45 141 33 11

Fantasy Factor:

Matt Cassel has little to no fantasy value entering the 2012 season. With all the recovering injuries, changes on the offensive line, and a new playbook being introduced, the Chiefs are looking at a .500 season

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  • Mike, you’re taking the high road for sure, but don’t listen to these losers. place a $5 bet and then buy the Cassel Jersey on the used rack in about a year and a half, the guy is a bum. People would rather draft a kicker than add that loser to a fantasy team. Crow bet…lol -whatever. Put money on the Raiders then you’ll win

  • That is weak, Change that Jersey to a Cassel jersey and then we are talking because if you eat crow you should have to eat the whole dam thing lol (btw most chiefs fans wont wear that Jersey but it would be a dam good crow bet)

  • Ok Chiefs fans, this could go on for a while, so this is what I’m going to do: I’ll be hanging out at NY NY in Vegas for the 4th of July and I’m going to place a bet on the Chiefs to Win over 8 games (which is the current line). This is not for the wonderful comments that called me out, this is for the hardcore fanbase. If I the ticket wins,, I’ll buy a Chiefs hat or Charles jersey (depending on what I lay) and post a pic on the site. But if they don’t win 8 games, I will… we’ll just have to see :) I will post a pic of the bet ticket next week. Cheers boys!

  • I get all your points Mike. I really do. However….I do think that Berry and Charles can come back and be good to great. The thing is last year when those two (three w/ moeaki) went down there was no…i mean absolutely no depth behind those three player. With the additions of Hillis and Cyrus Gray i don’t feel there is anyway that our running game comes close to being as bad as it was last year even if Charles goes down. Abe Elam and Dequan Menzie make the secondary more athletic. The signing of Stanford Routt is yet to be determined if he can fill in but as a number two cornerback he has had a decent career. My point is we were a 7-9 team with no depth last year. One game out of making the playoffs. We have all our stars back and have filled the depth chart very well. Maybe we win 8 maybe we win 11. I think its in between and I think we are in a lot better position then last year.

  • @ChrisBrockman – Great points.

    Overall though, two players off knee injuries, 6 new coaches, a new playbook, and the loss of (in my opinion) an elite corner, should be dubbed at least a transition year. A “Rebuilding Year” may be too harsh, yet they are both just titles for not quite playoff ready. That being said, stranger things have happened. Teams have gelled fast under the right coaching staff, the 49er’s are a great example that, -we’ll just have to see ;)

  • Clearly a few disapproving Chiefs fans not liking my assessment of the Matt Cassel–lol

    So I’m guessing you’re ok with the fact you brought in a guy to coordinate your offense who has a poor track record, a guy who’s only real claim to fame is someone who was once on the Patriots winning squad. I guess you think that Jamaal Charles knee will be 100%. What about Romeo Crennel’s amazing win record of 26-41-0, and the fact he has never been to the post season. You also lost a 16 game starting corner and have Peyton Manning entering your division.

    You face the NFC South this year and the AFC North, a division that had 3 teams that went to the playoffs last year.

    Who can replace Brandon Carr? Is Hillis “Really” your answer if Jammal Charles can’t go? Are you that confident that Matt Cassel is your guy?

    Call me stupid all you want, but I really don’t see anything more than a 8 win season, which is exactly the line in Vegas for team wins. Tell me why I’m wrong

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