LFL Sexy Gallery & News of a Video Game? [NSFW]

LFL Sexy Gallery & News of Video Game? [NSFW]

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LFL Sexy Gallery“Yuke’s” an Osaka, Japan based company recently obtained the Lingerie Football League license to develop a video game based on the “aggressive yet sexy” sport. The core global fan base of the LFL, which consists of nearly 60-percent Men (that stat should be way higher) with the age group of 18 to 34, perfectly aligns with the gaming world’s target market.

Sure the demographics of the game being made fits their clientele, but I can’t see this actually being put into production. Will people really play it? Who’s going to stand in line to buy this game? – how bad do you want to tell the world your a virgin, seriously.

As far as the waiting list of Sports being turned into video game is concerned, I think the LFL skipped the line. I can think of a few leagues looking for video games, namely college basketball.

Lingerie Football League Gallery




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