Kenny Britt Recovery Process Hits a Snag

Kenny Britt

Kenny Britt tore his right ACL and MCL last September, and had reconstructive surgery on Oct. 7. His season was over before it could even get started, but with the injury happening so early into the 2011 season, fans were optimistic he would be bounce back for 2012.

Unfortunately, that might not be the case.

Titans head coach Mike Munchak suggested Sunday that Kenny Britt may need another surgery on his right knee.

If that were the case, the Titans would likely have to wait much longer before getting their star receiver back on the field. Titan’s beat writer Terry McCormick stated a follow-up procedure would be “comparatively minor,” yet a setback, is still a setback.

To make matters worse, the teams first round pick WR Kendal Wright got his first playbook this week…Ever! As it turns out, Baylor didn’t use a playbook, and Wright’s high-school team didn’t have one either.

“It’s a big book with a lot of plays in it, so I’m just looking at whatever position coach [Dave Ragone] wants me to look at, Wright said. There’s a lot of different positions he’s got me looking at. I’m just soaking it all in and going through it every day.”

The media tried to put a positive spin on the news saying Wright had memorized 300 plays at Baylor, which were called in from the sidelines.

I’m sorry, but I’m not buying it. 300 plays? Yeah right. I bet most of those play calls were for basic patterns or improv. NFL teams feature very complex offenses with timing routes, quick adjustments and many audibles. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kendal Wright struggled out of the gate.

The Titans passing game may be a work in progress with young talent and healing veterans. Fortunately there is plenty of time for everyone to get healthy and in check with the offensive scheme. If the coaching staff is patient, the Titans offense should regain it’s confidence and prowess.

Of course, a little help from a guy named Chris Johnson will also make any passing game struggles seem less important. If CJ2K can bounce back to elite form, everyone’s mind will be put to ease.

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  • In my opinion, the most underrated player on the team is Damian Williams. Give him the ball and you’ll see what he can do!