Jerry Jones Strips Garrett Of Play-Calling Duties

Jerry Jones Strips Garrett Of Play-Calling Duties -Gridiron ExpertsDallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has confirmed Tuesday that he has stripped head coach Jason Garrett of the teams play-calling duties for the upcoming 2013 season. Offensive Coordinator Bill Callahan will call the plays for the Cowboys.

Jerry Jones, now 71 years old, is as meddlesome as ever. The Cowboys are 21-19 under Garrett since he took over for a fired Wade Phillips during the 2010 season, yet has not been let go, rather placed under Jerry Jones’ thumb. NFL Coaches that struggle usually are given a year or two to adjust and prove their worth, but in this situation it seems Jones would rather backseat-drive the Cowboys from his sky box seat. Garrett is in a bad situation and will likely struggle to fix problems if Jones is going to overrule every move he makes.

Having stripped Garrett of basically all his power, it’s unclear why Jerry Jones is even keeping his formerly hand-picked coach around?

Dan Graziano of ESPN likes the move, as he points out play-calling and decision-making simply wasn’t working out for Garrett. The Cowboys took too long to get plays in and made weird decisions in crunch time. You can argue that this got better as the 2012 season went along, but “better” doesn’t mean “solved,” and we’re working with two and a half seasons’ worth of evidence that this is not Garrett’s strong suit while he has other coaching responsibilities.


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