Gridiron Experts Mock Draft Review

Fantasy Football Mock DraftGridiron Experts Mock Draft Review

This past weekend, Gridiron Experts assembled some of the most knowledgeable and respected minds in the fantasy football world to participate in our first mock draft of the 2011 season. Joining these industry experts were five members of the Gridiron Experts team and two lucky readers who responded to a twitter open call  for participants.

One of our panel experts, Jim Day from was kind enough to set up a private league for us at (where they have their own recap available here: )

The draft was for 12 team, 15 rounds and will use a standard scoring format, starting 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE 1 DST and 1 PK. This league will be scored in a best ball format, and will have no transactions. A full recap of the mock draft is available here.

Team # 1

OWNED BY: Joe Everett from 

  • QB– Jay Cutler 10.12, Ryan Fitzpatrick 12.12
  • RB– Adrian Peterson 1.01, Felix Jones 4.12, Marshawn Lynch 7.01, James Starks 9.01, Montario Hardesty 11.01
  • WR– Reggie Wayne 2.12, Miles Austin 3.01, A.J. Green 6.12, Jacoby Ford 8.12, Arrelious Benn 14.12
  • TE– Dallas Clark 5.01
  • DST– Philadelphia 13.01
  • PK– Rob Bironas 15.01
  • STRENGTHS: WR- Joe got two studs in Wayne and Austin, then waited to grab the top rookie and a nice sleeper in Ford. Overall a very solid team.
  • WEAKNESS:  QB- Clearly Joe built his team through the positional players an waited on QB. This is a solid strategy, but he still got a nice starter in Cutler.
  • BEST PICK: James Starks- excellent value and could be a steal if he commands a large share of the carries in Green Bay


Team #2

OWNED BY: Michael Light from Gridiron Experts

  • QB– Drew Brees 3.02, Matt Cassel 12.11
  • RB– Arian Foster 1.02, Knowshon Moreno 4.11, Ryan Torain 8.11,  Pierre Thomas 11.02, Thomas Jones 14.11
  • WR– Greg Jennings 2.11, Steve Johnson 5.02, Mario Manningham 6.11, Kenny Britt 7.02, Randy Moss 13.02
  • TE– Marcedes Lewis 9.02
  • DST– Pittsburgh 10.11
  • PK– Nate Kaeding 15.02
  • STRENGTHS: WR- All five of Mike’s wide outs have an excellent chance of being very productive in a best ball format.
  • WEAKNESS: RB- Besides Arian Foster, none of the other runners are even assured of having regular playing time this year.
  • BEST PICK: If Mario Manningham starts and puts up the kind of production he ended 2010 with, he’s going to be a stud.


Team # 3

OWNED BY: Randy Chambers from Bleacher Report

  • QB– Philip Rivers 3.03, Matthew Stafford 6.10 
  • RB– LeSean McCoy 1.03, Peyton Hillis 2.10, BenJarvus Green-Ellis 7.03, Jason Snelling 13.03
  • WR-Brandon Marshall 4.10, Danny Amendola 8.10, Deion Branch 9.03, Emmanuel Sanders 10.10, Jon Baldwin 12.10
  • TE– Jason Witten 5.03, Chris Cooley 14.10
  • DST– New York Jets 11.03
  • PK– David Akers 15.03
  • STRENGTHS: QB; hard not to like the combination of Brees and Stafford
  • WEAKNESS: WR- When you select a tight end, back-up QB and a RB3 before securing a 2nd WR (in a league where three wide outs start) you’re putting your team at a huge disadvantage. Also, David Akers is likely to be done in Philadelphia.
  • BEST PICK: Jason Snelling is a free agent and his play last year might reward him with an expanded role somewhere. Excellent value that deep in a draft.


Team #4

OWNED BY: Matt Lechner from

  • QB– Matt Ryan 7.04, Kyle Orton 12.09 
  • RB– Chris Johnson 1.04, Ahmad Bradshaw 2.09, Mikel LeShoure 8.09, Roy Helu 10.09, 
  • WR– Vincent Jackson 3.04, Santonio Holmes 5.04, Percy Harvin 6.09, Johnny Knox 9.04, Chad Ochocinco 13.04, Blair White 14.09
  • TE– Antonio Gates 4.09
  • DST-Green Bay 11.04 
  • PK– Matt Bryant 15.04
  • STRENGTHS: very well balanced team; Top 5 players at RB,TE, DST and PK. This team will be a contender.
  • WEAKNESS:  Top two WR’s might not return to their respective teams, so their pending status could be a concern
  • BEST PICK: Chris Johnson at 1.04 is a no-brainer, and Roy Helu has a good chance to win the job in Washington; Chad Ochocinco in the 13th round was also very strong


Team #5

OWNED BY: Mike Rodriguez from Gridiron Experts 

  • QB– Tom Brady 3.05, David Garrard 15.05
  • RB– Jamaal Charles 1.05, Matt Forte 2.08, DeAngelo Williams 5.05, Kendall Hunter 12.08, Donald Brown 14.08 
  • WR– Wes Welker 4.08, Pierre Garcon 6.08, Mike Williams (SEA) 7.05, Steve Smith 8.08, Santana Moss 9.05, Malcolm Floyd 11.05
  • TE– Lance Kendricks 10.08
  • DST– Chicago 13.05
  • PK– N/A
  • STRENGTH: RB- Nice 1-2 punch with Charles and Forte. Williams should be a top 20 starter.
  • WEAKNESS:  D’oh! forgot to draft a kicker. In a no transaction league it will be nearly impossible to recover that 100+ point mistake. [Kickers are an after though in Mock Drafts, I was looking for late round value- Mike]
  • BEST PICK: The 4-6 WR were all solid selections, but if Joseph Addai leaves Indy and Donald Brown is named the starter, he could be the steal of this draft.

Team #6

OWNED BY: James Reid  from

  • QB– Michael Vick 1.06 
  • RB– Frank Gore 2.07, Ryan Grant 6.07, Fred Jackson 7.06, C.J. Spiller 10.07, Chris Wells 11.06, 
  • WR– Dwayne Bowe 3.06, Dez Bryant 4.07, Marques Colston 5.06, Julio Jones 8.07, James Jones 12.07, Terrell Owens 13.06
  • TE– Zach Miller (OAK) 9.06
  • DST– New York Giants 14.07
  • PK– Garrett Hartley 15.06
  • STRENGTHS:  WR- to get three top 15 wide outs in a league where you start three WR’s a week is outstanding. Solid picks throughout; excellent strategy. Another title contender.
  • WEAKNESSES:  QB- Vick was selected too high and has a history of injuries. With no back-up, Jim’s treading on dangerously thin ice. Must have been shattering for Jim, a huge Bills fan, to not be able to squeeze Trent Edwards onto his roster.
  • BEST PICK: Dez Bryant’s current ADP is 31. Jim got him at 43. That’s a great selection.

Team #7

OWNED BY: @pompousdad from: Gridiron Experts (reader)

  • QB– Aaron Rodgers 1.07, Sam Bradford 7.07
  • RB– Darren McFadden 2.06, Jahvid Best 4.06, Mike Tolbert 8.06, Rashad Jennings 9.07, Reggie Bush 10.06, Ben Tate 12.06,
  • WR– DeSean Jackson 3.07, Brandon Lloyd 6.06, Plaxico Burress 11.07, Robert Meachem 13.07
  • TE– Jermichael Finley 5.07
  • DST– Detroit Lions 15.07
  • PK– Stephen Gostkowski 14.06
  • STRENGHTS: QB- When you’ve got the #1 guy and a back-up capable of starting, you’re doing something right
  • WEAKNESS: WR- 3rd required starter is a 34 year old  free agent who’s been out of the league for two years; position should have been addressed before back-ups Jennings and Bush were selected as fourth and fifth runners.
  • BEST PICK:  There’s no reason to think the Chargers will change their successful rushing approach from last season. Tolbert had excellent numbers and at the very least should remain a goal line beast.


Team #8

OWNED BY: Phil Stuczynski from Gridiron Experts 

  • QB– Peyton Manning 3.08, Joe Flacco 9.08
  • RB– Ray Rice 1.08, Cedric Benson 5.08, Daniel Thomas 6.05, Christopher Ivory 14.05
  • WR– Mike Wallace 2.05, Jeremy Maclin 4.05, Michael Crabtree 7.08, Greg Little 8.05, Torrey Smith 13.08
  • TE– Brandon Pettigrew 10.05, Dustin Keller 12.05
  • DST– Dallas Cowboys 11.08
  • PK– Adam Vinatieri 15.08
  • STRENGTHS: QB- Peyton Manning in the third round is excellent value, and Joe Flacco is a superb back-up; Solid depth throughout the entire roster
  • WEAKNESS: RB2- Cedric Benson may have worn out his welcome, and as of now, it’s unclear what kind of work-load Daniel Thomas can expect in Miami.
  • BEST PICK: Waiting to select tight end is a sure way to build depth at more important positions. Phil waited until the tenth round and still secured two quality guys.

Team #9

OWNED BY: Jody Smith from Gridiron Experts

  • QB– Ben Roethlisberger 6.04, Mark Sanchez 12.04
  • RB– Rashard Mendenhall 1.09, Mark Ingram 5.09, Joseph Addai 8.04, LaDainian Tomlinson 9.09, Michael Bush 11.09
  • WR– Roddy White 2.04, Larry Fitzgerald 3.09, Mike Williams 4.04, Braylon Edwards 10.04, Titus Young 13.09 
  • TE– Owen Daniels 7.09, 
  • DST– Baltimore Ravens 14.04
  • PK– Neil Rackers 15.09
  • STRENGTHS: WR- Best starting group of wide outs in the league. One top 12 wide receiver is good, but three is phenomenal.
  • WEAKNESS: RB2- If Mark Ingram doesn’t take command of the carries in New Orleans, this team will struggle to produce many points from it’s second running back spot. Bye weeks 8 and 11 are both going to be particularly troublesome.
  • BEST PICK: Michael Bush has put up solid numbers in Oakland, and should be able to produce a nice return on an 11th round investment.


Team #10

OWNED BY: D.C. from Gridiron Experts 

  • QB- Tony Romo 4.03,  Kevin Kolb 10.03, Jake Locker 15.10
  • RB- Steven Jackson 2.03, Shonn Green 3.10, Brandon Jacobs 8.03, Mike Goodson 11.10
  • WR- Andre Johnson 1.10, Anquan Boldin 5.10, Jordy Nelson 6.03, Steve Smith(NYG) 7.10 
  • TE- Rob Gronkowski 9.10, Tony Gonzalez 14.03
  • DST- New England Patriots 12.03
  • PK- Mason Crosby 13.10 
  • STRENGTHS: TE- More proof that you don’t need to grab a tight end early. D.C. managed to get two good ones late. He also has three solid RB’s
  • WEAKNESS: WR- Andre Johnson is a no-brainer, but Boldin is fading fast and Steve Smith’s status is still up in the air. Overall depth is thin.
  • BEST PICK: Brandon Jacobs in the eight round is a low risk/high reward pick. Should he assume his role with the Giants, he’ll produce good numbers, especially touchdowns. If Ahmad Bradshaw leaves town, he could have a big season.


Team #11

OWNED BY: Jim Day from 

  • QB- Josh Freeman 7.11, Eli Manning 8.02
  • RB- Maurcie Jones-Drew 1.11, LeGarrette Blount 3.11, Jonathan Stewart 4.02, Bilal Powell 12.02
  • WR- Hakeem Nicks 2.02, Austin Collie 5.11, Lance Moore 9.11, Davone Bess 10.02, Derrick Mason 13.11
  • TE- Jimmy Graham 6.02, Aaron Hernandez 11.11
  • DST- St. Louis Rams 15.11
  • PK-  Sebastian Janikowski 14.02
  • STRENGTHS: Very solid, well balanced squad. Awesome 1-2-3 RB’s and still a solid WR corps. Folks, that is how you build solid depth and wait on your QB. Will be a formidable team.
  • WEAKNESS: None glaring; Rams defense could be sub-par, but in the overall scheme of things, that won’t make much difference.
  • BEST PICK: Blount at the bottom of the third is solid. A healthy season from Austin Collie could make that selection a steal. Lance Moore (9th) and Derrick Mason (13th) also excellent.


Team # 12

OWNED BY: @jwetters from: Gridiron Experts (reader)

  • QB- Matt Schaub 3.12, Tim Tebow 11.12
  • RB- Michael Turner 2.01, Ryan Mathews 4.01, Ryan Williams 8.01, Delone Carter 9.12, Jacquizz Rodgers 12.01, Ronnie Brown 13.12
  • WR-Calvin Johnson 1.12, Sydney Rice 5.12, Mike Thomas 7.12, 
  • TE- Vernon Davis 6.01, Kellen Winslow 10.01
  • DST- Arizona Cardinals 14.01
  • PK- Nick Folk 15.12
  • STRENGTHS: RB- Turner and Mathews should form a formidable top two RBs.
  • WEAKNESS: Depth is thin: Only drafted 3 WRs; any injury will kill this group. Bye weeks will be automatic zeros.Drafted Arizona defense as the eight defense
  • BEST PICK: Somebody has to get those tough yards on third down and at the goal line for the Colts. Why not Delone Carter?











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